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Money Heist La Casa de Papel | Unmysh 2020

Netflix recently released the 4th season of Money Heist. Or as the purists would call it, La Casa de Papel. It’s crazy how a Spanish language show is currently the most popular show in the world. Bong Joon Ho must be smiling ear to ear. Money Heist is a great show and we want everyone to enjoy this gem without being spoiled. That being said, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

The group is back

We pick up The Professor and his team’s adventures from right where we left it in the previous season. The heist was successful and the team parted ways. Tokyo, our narrator, and Rio are living it up on an island. As we needed a conflict to justify Season 3, Rio is captured by the Spanish government. Just like that, our team is back and we are in for another heist. This time, to rob the Bank of Spain and free Rio. I won’t get into the details, but insane Money Heist-y things happen and our 22-year-old hacker boy, Rio, is reunited with his clan. 

Rio and Tokyo’s relationship was the catalyst that furthered the main plot of the first season. Rio, being way too young to be burdened with the task of being the tech expert, obviously falters. He falls for Tokyo. Whereas Tokyo, being the unstoppable force that she is, does not make much of their relationship. The love story blooms into a passionate love affair and Tokyo is now smitten, too.

Our favourite couple is finally reunited

We cut to see Tokyo and Rio in one of the bathrooms of the Bank of Spain. Rio is sitting in the bathtub while Tokyo starts undressing. Funnily, she’s wearing her red mechanic jumpsuit and the iconic Dali mask. Jane Birkin’s Di Doo Dah sets the scene for an epic Tokyo striptease. Tokyo is at the peak of happiness.

Tokyo has an agenda behind this elaborate scheme. She has written secret messages on her body. She knows the government won’t let Rio into the group so easily. ‘They’ve implanted you with a mic’ reads one of Tokyo’s secret messages. She gestures him not to say anything and another message on her body reveals the words ‘Follow my lead.’

Tokyo asks Rio to guess the colour of her underwear. We see a police officer hearing this in the nearby tent and lustily replies ‘burgundy’ to himself. Tokyo reveals her black underwear and shimmies out of the suit. The way she moves to the rhythm of Di Doo Dah, it reminded me of Baby Driver. She gets completely naked and enters the cold bathtub. Tokyo giggles like a schoolgirl and rubs her wet feet on Rio’s chest. They share a tender kiss.

Rio is not onboard anymore

Our lovers finally unite. But Rio is a changed person now. He reveals that the time he spent in government custody has changed him. He has become a stronger person and doesn’t feel like Tokyo’s lapdog anymore. He does not want to be a part of Tokyo’s whirlwind of a life anymore. Tokyo is shaken by this news. She confesses to the audience, “If I knew this was the last time we would have sex, I wouldn’t have left.” She begs him to not leave her. As Michael Scott would say, “Well, well, well. How the turntables have…”

Money Heist is not loved for its intricate plot details and work. The beauty of Money Heist is in the characters. They are so fleshed out and well realised that you can’t help but feel for them. The show has given us quite a few passionate sex scenes in its course of 3 seasons. I chose to pick this one as it beautifully shows the complexities of two characters who are poles apart. We hope future OTT services don’t censor sex in India. We’ll miss out on such master works. This is why we love this show. Season 4 came as happy news in this lockdown period. Alexa, play ‘Bella, Ciao.’

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