Game of Thrones S1E2 – Take Control of Your Sex Life

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Let’s travel back in time – 9 years to be precise.

It is 2011 and Game of Thrones just aired its first-ever season. The audience, barring the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ (ASOIAF) readers, collectively lost their minds over this epic high-fantasy drama. Critics weren’t hesitant to add Game of Thrones in the list of ‘The Greatest TV Shows of All Time.’ Ah, how I long for that time to come back again!

Unless you’ve been living under an enormous rock, there’s no way you would have escaped the disappointment that was Season 8. The show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss ran out of source material for Game of Thrones and completely butchered a beloved show.

I know I’m digressing, but it still hurts! Martin, don’t make me wait for ‘The Winds of Winter‘ any longer. I’ve done my waiting, 9 years of it! 

Doreah teaches Daenerys

After Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) consummate their marriage, the khalasar make their way towards Vaes Dothrak.

However, Daenerys isn’t particularly satisfied with the kind of sex she’s having with Drogo. It’s… dispassionate. If it got any more one-sided, one would even drop the ‘r-word’ there. Understandably, the new Khaleesi is not at all happy with this arrangement.

She asks Doreah, her experienced handmaiden, to teach her how to dougie satisfy her “man.” To make it easier for you, I’ve compiled Doreah’s entire lesson (not verbatim, ‘coz plagiarism) to Daenerys in the form of pointers. You know, for future references.

  • You must look in his eyes, always.
  • If your ‘eye game’ is strong, you can even ‘finish’ him off with just your eyes.
  • If you improve your ‘eye game,’ be ready to get a thousand proposals.
  • Men want what they’ve never had. (Author Note: A cuddle can, sometimes, do it, too. And as an adult man, I can attest to it.)
  • Don’t make love like a slave.
  • In the bedroom, your titles don’t matter. Call him poop-face, for all I care. 

That’s it. And with that, Daenerys sets out to win the Khal’s heart.

Game of Thrones’ power couple

Just like any other Tuesday, Danereys is waiting for her Khal in her Khaleesi tent. He enters, brooding and naked. Our Khal Drogo is a man of few words and even fewer clothes, apparently.

He tries to go about his usual ‘doggy style’ business, but Khaleesi says the only word Drogo knows – ‘No.’ Enraged, Khal tries to exert some force on her. (Not recommended for the real world, btw.)

At that moment, Khaleesi whispers something on the lines of, “Let me show you a few things, about loooove” to Drogo. He takes the leap of faith and we see Khaleesi mount the mighty Khal! 

The couple, who likes to call each other “moon of my life” and “my sun and stars,” stare into each other’s eyes as they properly consummate their marriage. This time as equals, as lovers! It is known.

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