Four More Shots Please! (S1E5) – The Trouble With Being Too Technical in Bed

Four More Shots Please

Four More Shots Please! season 2 is out and I have already binged on it. I love women-centric films and shows. We should have more of them. But the problem is that these progressive shows are almost always too westernised. As a bhartiya naari, I want my female characters to experience what Indian women actually do. Not some whitewashed version of it. And most women would agree with me on this!

Not the Indian ‘Sex and the City’

When I first saw the trailer for the first season, my mind automatically went “Ah! What a rip off of Sex and the City.” But it was only when I watched the show that I realised how arrogant I was. Having lived in the better side of Mumbai for a few years, I can vouch for the show’s authenticity when it comes to the lifestyle portrayed.

I particularly liked how Four More Shots Please! season 1 dealt with casual sexism, sexual awakening and love. It may not be perfect but it’s a good start nonetheless.

The discussions are modern yet Indian. Our characters are raw, educated but far from perfect. They make their case and realise they are wrong. They stand up for what they believe in. These women are real. They are human.

Sure, some things are downright dues ex machina-ish. The situations can also be a tad overreaching sometimes. But the characters always stay true to reality.

Damini Rizvi Roy and Aamir Warsi’s sex scene

I got second-hand embarrassment watching this scene. It was so awkward.

As intended, Damini and Aamir’s first time comes off as some bad after-date sex. Not because they don’t know what they’re doing but because Aamir knows a little too much about what he’s doing. 

Aamir is Damini’s gynaecologist. Over the episodes, we see them running into each other and bonding. They finally break the doctor-patient code one day and knock boots. 

“The female body has eight erogenous zones,” he says as he begins to make love to her. And as he takes care of her, he spells out the zones. “The ears, the neck, the breasts, the vagina, the cervix, and the piece de resistance – getting to your G-spot.” 

First of all, that’s six! And second, nobody wants a commentary in bed. It’s like talking dirty while you’re actually doing it. Imagine someone going down on you and reciting what they’re doing to you. 

Yea, I’m ripping off your panty. Ooh I’m kissing your belly button. Wow. I’m penetrating you. Yesss, I’m having sex with you.

I know because I’m there.

So, nope. Just no!

But that’s not the worst part somehow. He goes from her ears to her G-spot in two minutes. TWO MINUTES!! Done. 

That was it. Nothing more. Not even a wham-bam, thank you ma’am. That’s like masturbation but with a few extra steps. 

“We are done?” an understandably perplexed Damini asks, to which Aamir replies, “Well, today was about you. Next time, will be both of us.”

What’s so wrong with being a giver?

We can learn two ‘what not to dos’ from this scene from Four More Shots Please!

1. Introduce equality in bed

Men have a reputation for being the receivers in bed. They are known to take. In that sense, what Aamir does is commendable. He’s shattering the conventional patterns of sex by putting Damini’s needs before his. But the opposite of men being the receivers in bed isn’t switching the genders and putting women on a pedestal. 

The opposite of unequal sex is equal sex.

If you want to provide your partner with healthy sex life, put on your learning cap. Sex is about communication. Learn about what makes them happy. Instead of putting them first, play fair. Return the favour. 

2. Never perceive sex to be goal-oriented.

We’ve said it before on this website, sex is not a race. There is no finish line – quite literally, either. So, the act shouldn’t be about who cums first or if you can orgasm. You should focus on being satisfied with whatever you try. 

Aamir literally asks Damini if his fingers have reached her G-spot. Why Aamir?

While it’s important to communicate, what’s more important is keeping it smooth. There ought to be a transition. You can’t go from making out to trying hard to make your partner orgasm in two minutes. 

There’s no need to rush. Enjoy the moment. 

Four More Shots Please! is honest

This is one of the things I love about this show. It deals with real topics. And quite frankly, we wouldn’t be able to do that if the characters weren’t so realistic.

Men have traditionally been selfish in bed. But that doesn’t mean they should overcompensate for it now. Because even an out-and-out feminist like Ms Roy wouldn’t have it that way.

So, the next time you decide to take care of your partner, allow them more than two minutes to return the favour. 

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