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If they were to make a list of all the weird movies ever made, 2006’s Crank would definitely make the top 10 list. 

Written and directed by the equally weird duo, Neveldine/Taylor, the movie even managed to get a sequel, Crank: High Voltage.

The movie starred Jason Statham in the lead along with Amy Smart and Jose Pablo Cantillo. 

Crank follows the life of a British hitman, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham), who is poisoned by his enemies.

To stay alive, he must ensure that his adrenaline is constantly flowing. He achieves this by electrocuting himself, injecting drugs in his body and in one instance, by having sex in public.

As I said, Crank is a weird film.

Public sex in Crank

Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) and Eve Lydon (Amy Smart) are having lunch in Chinatown when Chev’s heart rate starts dropping. 

He is trying to tell his situation when Eve storm of the restaurant in disbelief. 

Chev holds Eve and asks her, “Do you trust me?” Eve immediately hits Chev with a “No.”

As his situation is deteriorating, Chev asks Eve to make love to him. On cue, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On starts blasting in the background. 

Eve resists Chev’s advances and ends up punching. The crowd starts gathering in the heart of Chinatown.

As she’s trying to console him, he tries to kiss her but ends up tearing her dress which in turn, exposes her left boob. 

Chev gets top on Eve and starts making out. Eve, now getting into the heat of the moment, reciprocates by biting his lower lip.

The horde gathers. Chev penetrates Eve and the crowd goes wild. 

He picks Eve up and put her against a dumpster. Removing his pants, he spanks her and shouts, “I’m alive.” 

Just as Eve was beginning to enjoy this wild ride, a phone call intercepts their lovemaking.

To Eve’s dismay, Chev picks it up and decides to leave. Poor Eve is left stranded while the entire Chinatown crowd is staring at her. 

Watch the Crank sex scene here:

Men writing women 

When I first saw Crank, I was still in high school. A bizarre, adult comedy was the flavour of the season. 

Today, I’m a mature(r), 24-year-old man. Crank, and especially Crank’s sex scene feels like a perfect submission for the r/menwritingwomen subreddit. (Check it out and thank me later.)

The entire Crank sex scene has an undertone of rape written all over it. Chev asks Eve for sex but she refuses. 

Yet, he pulls and tears her dress. He pins her down to a point of submission. All this while she’s yelling, “NO.” Consent, who?

The cheering and hooting Chinatown crowd don’t even know the couple.

They might’ve just witnessed a rape. They didn’t try to break it off but instead were seen celebrating it. 

People might defend this scene by saying things like, “Eve enjoyed it.” Hence, the “men writing women” argument.

The writer-director duo, Neveldine/Taylor, haven’t made any noteworthy movies other than the two Crank movies. I wonder why?

To prove my “men writing women” point even further, Chev leaves Eve as soon as he’s “satisfied” with the sex. Eve is left high and dry.

We really needed to spell out no means no, didn’t we? 

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