Always Be My Maybe – Why Having Your First Time in a Car is a Bad Idea

Always Be My Maybe | Unmysh 2020

Ali Wong is a genius. A foul-mouthed genius, but a genius, nonetheless. After delivering (or should I say before) two solid specials, Netflix offered her a movie. Greenlighting Always Be My Maybe might be the best decision Netflix has taken since signing Dave Chappelle for five specials.

Always Be My Maybe cast the uber-talented Randall Park a.k.a. Asian Jim to star opposite Ali Wong.

Also, best believe he punched Keanu Reeves

Wong not only showed off her acting prowess but also flexed her writing skills on us through this movie. If you haven’t figured it out by now, all I’m trying to say is that I stan Ali Wong. I mean, who doesn’t?

Tragedy strikes 

Always Be My Maybe opens up with our leads (Randall Park’s Marcus and Ali Wong’s Sasha) still in their awkward teen stage. The “wonder years.” We find out that Marcus’ mom perished in an unfortunate accident. It’s looking all gloomy for our characters now.

The teenagers are now sitting in Marcus’ car, mourning the death of the mother. I often wondered here, is a car really the best place to mourn a person who has recently died in a car accident? That joke was so dark, it had me searching for a torch. 

Hilariously, Sasha tries to subdue the situation by singing along and in the process butchering D’Angelo’s Untitled (How Does It Feel.) Thankfully, this breaks the ice. Marcus smirks. Sasha, thinking this is a cue, kisses him. Marcus is clearly taken by surprise. Uh-oh!

Understandably, Sasha immediately regrets her decision. However, Marcus furthers the initiative and kisses Sasha fully on her lips. Are we in for a car make-out session? Worse, it’s car sex time!

Always Be My Maybe gets car sex right

We learn that this is Marcus’ first time. And my man is going to be doing it in a cramped car. For the uninitiated, car sex is something that has been romanticized in movies, a lot! The only “ride” you’d get out of it is the disappointing ride to your way home.

Our lovebirds, as we guessed, are struggling to even undress. Fortunately, the camera zooms out and we see, as PK would put it – a dancing car. We can make out their hands all over the dark and foggy rear window. This is going to be one uncomfortable intercourse. But when has that stopped horny teenagers from finishing the deed?

The scene ends with Marcus and Sasha cuddling in the backseat (if we can call that a “cuddle.”) Marcus is clearly struggling to find room in his parmesan-smelling car. Sasha asks him where he got the condom from? Where did he learn to put on a condom?

Guys, if you’re doing it for the first time, here’s a pro-tip – please ask these questions before you have sex. Remember, trust before lust. Did I just make that up? Yes. Is it good advice? You bet yo buttocks it is!

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe hits the awkwardness and ignorance of the first time, spot-on. The first time is not glamourous and the movie spares us from experiencing secondhand embarrassment when it cuts away from the car. We can only imagine the horrors that transpired in the car that night. 

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