Yasmin Lee – The Journey to Acceptance

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Yasmin Lee is a trans woman pornstar who has starred in various absurd projects throughout her career. 

However, her weirdest role did not come from any film produced by the porn industry but produced by Warner Bros.

Yasmin Lee’s Hollywood appearances

Yes, if you feel like you’ve seen this gorgeous transgender pornstar before, you’re not wrong.

Yasmin Lee had a special appearance in the 2011 adult comedy, Hangover Part II

I still remember watching this movie with my elder sister (bad decision, I know). To this day I cannot watch the strip club scene where Lee makes her “appearance” (if you know what I mean).

Who knew watching an adult comedy with your sister can scar you for life?

Besides Hangover Part II, Lee has appeared in TV shows like The Maury Povich Show and The Tyra Banks Show.

Yasmin Lee’s hardships before making it big

Yasmin Lee is a first-generation Cambodian-American. Along with being Cambodian, Lee is also of Chinese and Thai heritage.

Her parents shifted from Thailand to the Philippines before choosing to permanently settle down in the USA.

After she turned 18, Lee had to leave the U.S. Navy as she faced sexual harassment during her service. 

Thereafter, Lee shifting gears to become a make-up artist and a drag entertainer.

When she began her transition, Yasmin Lee decided to call it quits on her make-up career as she feared she’ll become the target of transphobia.

The world of porn welcomed her with open arms as Lee started working as an assistant on sets.

Assistant director translated to casting director when one fine day, she decided to replace of an actress who failed to show up on the set. 

And that’s it. That’s how we got our two-time AVN nominated, transgender pornstar superstar.

Yasmin Lee was rejected and ridiculed for her sexuality from “mainstream” industries. She found solace in the porn industry where she could be herself without any judgement.

Thanks to porn, Lee has managed to create a name for herself and continues to inspire thousands through her Instagram and Twitter. 

Maybe we should learn a thing or two from porn (besides sexual techniques), don’t you think?

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