Venus Lux – A Decorated Trans Woman Pornstar

Venus Lux Transgender Pornstar Trans Woman | Unmysh 2020

Venus Lux is one of the most popular trans woman pornstars active today.

For the Indian readers, please don’t confuse her with Venus innerwear line of Lux. Although, I feel they should ditch Amitabh Bachchan and hire her instead.

In all seriousness, Venus Lux is not only a pornstar but is also a producer, director, influencer and an educator.

Again, Lux, hire her already.

Venus Lux’s Chinese roots

Lux was born in San Francisco, California, on October 10, 1990. Raised as an only child, Lux was Tailen Lee before she decided to adopt her stage name.

Lux comes from a family of Chinese and Mongolian descent. She dabbled in various fields and even worked as a stripper, bartender and an escort before making it big as a pornstar

In 2009, Lux underwent her transition journey from male to female. Before her hormone replacement therapy and breast augmentation surgery, Lux had already started cross-dressing.

Her ethnicity helped as the novelty of an Asian trans woman grabbed eyeballs. In no time, Venus Lux started taking huge strides in the adult film industry.

Venus Lux Entertainment

Lux began her career in the porn industry in the year 2012. A talent scout called reached her through an email.

Just two years after making her debut with Kaylee Hilton, Lux launched her own Venus Lux Entertainment.

She even wrote columns called, “Venus Rising” and compiled those columns in a book that was titled, “Venus Lux Diaries.”

She was even featured in the documentary series “After Porn Ends 2” that is currently streaming on Netflix.

Venus Lux’s achievements

With 9 wins out of 23 nominations, Lux is one of the most decorated trans pornstars currently working in the adult film industry.

In 2015, Lux won two AVN awards for Best Transsexual Sex Scene and Transsexual Performer of the Year.

She followed this up with another AVN in 2016 by winning another Transsexual Performer of the Year.

With over 300k followers, Lux is also one of the most followed trans woman pornstars on Twitter. Lux is also half deaf in her right ear. 

So, the next time someone decides to troll Lux, chances are, she might not even hear them. 

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