Lexington Steele – Daniel Day-Lewis of Porn

Lexington Steele AVN Male Performer of the Week Pornstar | Unmysh 2020

Lexington Steele is a living legend of the adult industry. 

He started his career way back in 2001 and has worked as an actor, director and producer. The man has done it all (no pun intended).

However, Lexington Steele’s greatest achievement is winning three AVN Male Performer of the Year awards. 

He’s the only male pornstar who has achieved that feat.

Lexington Steele: a man of many names

Before he was known to the world as Lexington Steele, he was a little boy that went by the name, Clifton Todd Britt. 

(Thank god he didn’t choose his real name as his stage name.)

Before settling on the name, Steele tried various names like Lexington Steel, Black Bastard, Lex Steele, Lexington, Lexinton Steel and Lex.

Street and book smart pornstar

Steele was born in the town of Morriston, New Jersey and attended the Morristown High School.

For further studies, Steele moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend college in Morehouse College and stayed there for two years.

He eventually graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Science. Steele managed to complete his double degree in African-American studies and history.

After graduation, Steele turned into a stockbroker trainee at a firm. Eventually, after getting his license, he started working from the World Trade Center.

Today, Lexington Steele is the owner of Mercenary Motion Pictures and Black Viking Pictures Inc. He claims that his days in Wall Street helped him achieve success in the adult industry.

According to Steele, had he not turned to porn, he would’ve still been in one of the two towers on that unfortunate September day.

So, if it weren’t for porn we might’ve missed out Lexington Steele.

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