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Did you know Lana Rhoades is only 23 years old? She’s been around for so long that we never realised. With all the videos and a net worth of $20 million, Rhoades is easily one of the most successful pornstars in the world. She found her fame after winning the Hottest Newcomer award in 2017, which made her move to Los Angeles to advance her career. A decision that changed her life. In 2019, Lana Rhoades became the most popular pornstar of the year and continues to top the list this year, too.

Lana Rhoades is the most viewed female pornstar. As a result, she won Pornhub’s “Most Popular Female Perfomer” award to her credit last year. And that’s why Lana is Unmysh’s performer of this week. She is untamed and vastly successful in her field. Her passion for her work is quite evident in her videos. Frankly, it drives her.

Rhoades has a great social media presence, too. She regularly updates her Instagram. I say Instagram because does anybody use Facebook anymore? Lana Rhoades is quite vocal on Twitter, which is great for her fans. That’s how I know the poor girl got dumped during the quarantine. If you didn’t already know, Lana was dating Mike Majlak. While he seemed to be really in love with her, it’s over now.

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Our girl is pretty bummed right now, so how about you show some love to her? (No pun intended). Now I know I don’t have to tell you where you can find her. Still, the least I can do is help you out with a link.

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