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Johnny Sins | Unmysh 2020

Johnny Sins is an adult film star who is recognized worldwide. Thanks to the meme community, he has a particularly huge fan following in India. With over 1.1 billion views and 881 videos on PornHub, Johnny Sins is our ‘Performer of the Week.’

Born as Steven Wolfe on December 31, 1978, Johnny Sins has earned a place in the adult film industry as a bankable star. He is considered to be Brazzers’ most trusted guy. What’s more, PornHub tried to literally “launch” Johnny into space to film first-ever space porn! Unfortunately, the 3.4 million dollars campaign fell short of funds and the project was cancelled.

Johnny has been nominated twice for the AVN Male Performer of the Year but has never managed a podium finish. Just like Tom Cruise, his bankability factor doesn’t reflect on his award cabinets.

In real life, Johnny is in a relationship with fellow pornstar Kissa Sins. Fans and even Wikipedia insists they are married, but Johnny and Kissa explain that the nature of their relationship is quite flexible. In 2017, the couple even started their own YouTube channel by the name of SinsTV.

YouTube has pushed Wolfe’s career into a new direction. He vlogs and offers sexual advice to his subscribers. With a majority of his viewership coming from India, Johnny even did an ‘Indian Food’ review. He has garnered over 1.34 million subscribers making him one of the top pornstar YouTubers today.

Johnny Sins has even made appearances on buses and flex boards in various parts of India. Surprisingly, a popular meme, wherein Sins was dressed as a doctor, actually catapulted Johnny’s popularity in India. Famous Indian YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines), also interviewed Johnny as part of his ‘Titu Talks’ series. The video was so well-received that the episode gained 33 million views (as of 10 April 2020). To put that into perspective, Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Titu Talks’ episode has 26 million views and it came before Johnny’s episode! So, it won’t be a hyperbole to say that this one man is responsible for the awareness of sex in India. 

Johnny Sins meets Bhuvan Bam for an interview

Johnny Sins meets Bhuvan Bam

Johnny Sins has quit the porn industry indefinitely for now. He is currently focusing more on his YouTube channel. And to be honest, we are not complaining. The unsolicited sexual health advice on his channel is gold, in my opinion. What started as a meme about a pornstar dressed as a doctor has turned Johnny into one of the trustiest sex experts across the world. 

Like Johnny Sins? We announce a new adult performer of the week every Friday. Come back next week. And meanwhile, check out who else has made Unmysh’s list of performer of the week here.

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