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Dani Daniels | Unmysh 2020

Dani Daniels is perhaps one of the most popular female pornstars in India. And I have no clue why Indians suddenly took to her. Undoubtedly a brilliant performer, Dani Daniels has even managed to grace the buses of India! That’s an achievement considering sex in India tops the list of taboo subjects.

A dedicated fanbase

Born as Kira Lee Orsag, Dani entered the adult film industry in 2011. Subsequently, she took huge strides in this world by signing major production houses like Reality Kings and Elegant Angel. As a result of this, Dani started amassing a huge fan following. 

Personally, Dani Daniels presence outside of the porn industry is more fascinating to me. Did you know that Dani is a professional painter, as well? She has a website under her real name where you can see her amazing artwork. Her paintings, just like her porn, have a dedicated fan base. Talk about an allrounder!

Not just a regular pornstar

To further blow your minds, I also found out that Dani is a licensed pilot! Damn, slow down, girl! It’s amazing how Dani keeps challenging herself to add a new skill to her inventory. 

Maverick Dani

If you are not following Dani on Instagram, you are missing out on some amazing and hilarious content. Dani is one of the few adult film stars who are not only self-aware and but also master troll killers. What’s more, Dani is a parent to two adorable bulldogs, Darwin and Islay. We came for the wholesome and hilarious content but we stayed for Darwin and Islay, for sure. Not that we’re complaining.

Look at these munchkins

Now that Dani is married, the frequency of her videos has reduced. Jack Jill of all trades that she is, Dani has her website on which she sells various merchandises. From a pillow to a leather jacket, you can find a variety of things on Dani Daniels Fashion.

In 10 years, Dani Daniels has accomplished almost everything she set out to achieve. I am waiting with bated breath to find out what she does next. And I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. 

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