Buck Angel – A Legend in the LGBT Community

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Buck Angel is considered to be a powerhouse in the transgender adult film industry. With a career spanning for over 30 years, Angel is definitely one of the best active trans man pornstars alive.

Early Struggles

Buck Angel was born as Susan Butch on June 5, 1972, in the city of Los Angeles, California. When he was 16-years-old, Buck started to develop secondary sexual characteristics. As he was seen as a tomboy during his early years, his peers started bullying him for his clothing choices and gender non-conforming behaviour.

Angel soon started developing suicidal tendencies and was almost put in a mental institution by his family. As he wasn’t familiar with hormone replacement therapy, Angel lived as a female for 28 years. 

From Susan Butch to Buck Angel

After suffering for 28 years, Buck Angel decided to get a gender reassignment therapy. As he was one of the earliest trans men to undergo hormonal transition treatment, Angel was considered as a “guinea pig” by his doctors.   

Immediately, Angel came to the realisation that there wasn’t enough research and technology to give him a functional penis. He chose to not undergo any genital surgery and jokingly described himself as “the man with a pussy”.

Instead, Angel decided to focus on his physical appearance and upper-body. With the help of a surgeon, Angel got his breasts removed successfully. Today, he feels his medical transition is complete. 

Contribution to the LGBT community

Winner of 2008 AVN Award for Transgender Performer of the Year, Buck Angel is also an educator, lecturer, writer and an advocate. He even founded the media production company, Buck Angel Entertainment, that gives space to various transgender performers. 

From 2010 to 2016, Angel served the Woodhull Freedom Foundation as one of the Board of Directors. The foundation helps people affirm sexual freedom as one of the fundamental human rights through education and advocacy.

Angel also talked about the social construct of masculinity as a guest speaker for Ideacity in Canada in 2010. 

Buck Angel is an inspiration and a great role model for people hailing from the LGBT community. Angel is praised for being a torchbearer for trans men who seek self-acceptance without any surgery. In fact, his message of self-acceptance is revered across all communities.

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