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Brandi Love | Unmysh 2020

Started her career at the age of 31, Brandi Love showed the world that it is never too to enter the world of adult films. Sixteen years later, Brandi is one of the most popular performers on PornHub.

Brandi Love’s early years

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Love is of Polish, English and German descent. Talk about being multi-cultural!

Mr Mrs Worldwide Brandi Love

Tracey Lynn Livermore adopted the stage name, Brandi Love when she entered the porn industry way back in 2004. In fact, she even started an adult website by her stage name the same year. 

Move to Los Angeles

Finally, in 2008, Love took a decision that gave a huge push to her career as an adult performer. She moved to Los Angeles and started performing under various production companies.

Thanks to this move, Brandi got the label of ‘MILF’, which made her one of the best pornstars of this decade!

A pro-Trump pornstar

Yes, you read it right.

Brandi was raised by her parents as a Presbyterian. Naturally, her conservative views stayed with her even in her adult life.

A conservative pornstar sounds almost like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Well, Love went one step further and surprised everyone by coming out as a vocal Trump supporter.

In a recent interview, Love even addressed to her stance by admitting she is one of the few pornstars in the industry who is pro-Trump.

Fun fact: Red states (Republican) consume more porn than the blue states. So, maybe being a conservative pornstar isn’t so outlandish, after all.

Active social media presence

Just like many of her contemporaries, Brandi Love also has an active presence on Instagram and Twitter. 

Love recently adopted a Pomeranian and her page is full of her cute puppy! I mean, I don’t blame her. For updates on Brandi Love, check out her website. But for updates on her puppy, you can follow her on Instagram so that your feed can also be blessed by this bundle of joy! 

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