Bailey Jay – An Acclaimed Trans Woman Pornstar

Bailey Jay Trans Woman Pornstar LGBT Pornstar| Unmysh 2020

In the world of transsexual pornstars, Bailey Jay is a name that is synonymous with “superstar.” She is especially popular amongst the anime and gaming community, as she regularly dresses up as popular fictional characters.

If you’ve heard of Belle Delphine, you’ll know exactly why this is a big deal. If you haven’t, I envy you already.

Bailey Jay’s initial struggles

Also fondly known as Harley Quinn, Bailey Jay was born on November 5, 1988. She moved from Richmond, Virginia to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the adult film industry as a trans woman pornstar.

Jay initially registered herself under the alias Line Trap during her initial years. She went back to her birth name, Bailey Jay, to start on her own entrepreneurial route. She set up a website under her name and used it to distribute her own projects, movies and photoshoots.

You have to remember, ten years ago, people weren’t as accepting and respectful of transsexual adult performers as they are now. In fact, some people still use the term ‘shemale’ not only to refer to trans woman pornstars but also to trans people. If you’re one of those, you should know that ‘shemale’ is a term generally used in the pornography industry and is considered to be derogatory and offensive. 

More than just a pornstar

Jay is one of the few trans woman pornstars who has dared to venture outside her regular porn career. She’s a podcaster and co-hosts ‘The Bailey Jay Show’ along with her husband, Matthew Terhune. 

She even deals with various topics like spirituality, horror and transsexuality on ‘The Trans Witching Hour with Bailey Jay’, ‘Blood Lust with Bailey Jay’ and ‘Sugar Spice’ podcasts, respectively.

It’s hard to believe this is the same person who won back-to-back AVN Award for Transgender Performer of the Year. Jay’s got range!

If you’re looking to follow Jay on Instagram, I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, Jay’s social media presence is only limited to Twitter. 

Hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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