Arpad Miklos – A Death That Should Not Be in Vain

Arpad Miklos Gay Pornstar Hungarian| Unmysh 2020

On 3 February 2013, one of the finest gay pornstars in the adult film industry, Arpad Miklos, ended his life. An active and vocal member of the LGBT community, Miklos was only 45 when he died.

Arpad Miklos: A Hungarian legend 

Before he was known as Arpad Miklos, he was Péter Kozma. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Miklos was a chemical engineer. He was discovered by Kristen Bjorn studios. In fact, Miklos worked as a chemist before he moved to New York to pursue his career as a pornstar.

Initially, he tried various pseudonyms like Francois Kagylo and Peter Kozma, before he settled for Arpad Miklos.

Before becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the gay adult film industry, Miklos used to work as a heterosexual pornstar. He switched between same-sex and heterosexual scenes and eventually became one of the leading pornstars in the LGBT community

YouTube’s ban of Perfume Genius’ “Hood”

YouTube and video bans, a love story for ages, amirite? 

In 2012, Perfume Genius released a 16-second promo from their video, “Hood”, to promote their upcoming album, Put Your Back N 2 It. The song featured Miklos and Perfume Genius’ Michael Hadreas.

In the video, both the guys are seen embracing each other and there’s no nudity. The content is harmless and is not explicit at all. Yet, YouTube felt this 16-second promo violated their guidelines.

YouTube said that the video was “promoting mature sexual themes” and was “not family safe.” This move garnered a lot of support from the audiences and YouTube was labelled as homophobic. 

However, the outrage wasn’t as vocal as when YouTube banned Carryminati last month. Interestingly, both the cases involved homophobic sentiments.

Arpad Miklos’ suicide

On 3 February 2013, news broke out that Miklos had committed suicide. The official cause of death was drug overdose. 

According to his close friends, Miklos was suffering from depression but wanted to hide it from the world. In his suicide note, he wrote that he knew there would be judgement, but the haters could hate and speculate. 

With Miklos’ suicide and the recent news of Sushant Singh Rajput, I can’t help but emphasise the importance of mental health. Hit us up at, we’re always here for you. 

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