Angela White – The Most Decorated Pornstar Ever

Angela White 3 Times AVN Performer of the Year Australian Sex Party | Unmysh 2020

Angela White is the only pornstar in the history of the adult film industry to win 3 AVN Female Performer of the Year for consecutive years. As a result, she was immediately inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. 

So, it won’t be bold of me to say that this woman, Angela White, is pretty good.

Score’s go-to girl

We have Australia to thank for the talent that is Angela White. She was born in Sydney Australia on 4th March, 1985. She moved to the USA and started pursuing a career in the adult industry way back in 2003.

White got her first break when she was 18. Score, a publishing company based in Miami, Florida, shot her for their magazine in 2003. Just 4 years later, Angela White became Score’s Voluptuous Model of the Year.

It took White another 4 years to actually shoot her first heterosexual scene. The DVD was aptly called Angela White Finally Fucks.

Angela White’s winning streak

I know it’s redundant, but Angela White is so accomplished, she even has a separate Wikipedia page dedicated to her awards and nominations. To put into perspective, some pornstars don’t even have a Wikipedia page to their name. That’s how talented White is.

As of today (article date), Angela White has 81 awards and 110 nominations to her name. 

In fact, just this year’s 37th AVN Awards, White had 16 nominations to her name! Out of the 16, she managed to convert 11 into wins. The movie she starred in, Perspective, was also had most awards with 4 wins. 

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that anything White touches, turns into gold awards.

The Daily Beast came up with a perfect comparison when they dubbed her “The Meryl Streep of Porn.”

Work with the Australian Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party is, as the name suggests, an Australian political party, that was founded in 2009 to combat the increasing influence of religion in politics (as an Indian, can’t relate). 

Naturally, they turned to White to see if her success translates and rubs off in politics or not. In 2010, for the rights of sex workers, White ran as a political candidate in the Victorian state election. She even sent a copy of her porn scenes to Attorney General Rob Hulls so as to get the regulations relaxed on the adult films.

Fun fact, in 2013, Angela White and another Australian Sex Party candidate, Zahra Stardust, performed in a porn film together and became the first-ever political candidates to achieve this feat.

Angela White is the perfect example of a go-getter. A performer, an actor, a director, a politician and even an aspiring PhD student! When she sets her sights on something, she not only achieves it but also ends up setting the bar punishingly high for everyone else. If overachieving had a face, it would probably look like Angela White.

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