Men Hit Their Sexual Peak Before Women

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The pandemic has compelled me to finish my Netflix watchlist because I have nothing better to do. 

As I was finishing one of the movies in my marathon, a character uttered two words that caught my attention: “sexual peak”.

I was intrigued by this concept so I went into research mode.

What is “sexual peak“?

Sexual peak literally means the age/time when you can experience the best possible sex of your life. Quite self-explanatory, right?

Well, just like most toys and clothes out there, this theory is also needlessly gendered. 

According to the theory, men experience their sexual peak in late adolescence and early 20s and women experience their sexual peak when they are in their 30s.

An almost 10-year difference separates the two genders from this so-called “sexual peak.”

Alfred Kinsey’s contribution

What Sigmund Freud did for women in psychology, Alfred Kinsey did the same in sexology. A regressive and sexist study.

In fact, owing to Alfred Kinsey’s contribution to sexology, Showtime dedicated their show, Masters of Sex, starring Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen to him.

The idea of a 10-year sexual peak difference between men and women was first pitched by Alfred Kinsey in his 1953 book, Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female.

Ever since then, people have latched onto the idea that men peak before women. 

However, the theory has since been debunked and criticized by experts for being regressive and baseless.

The myth of sexual peak between men and women

Sexual peak translates to nothing but sexual drive. However, a high sexual drive doesn’t necessarily result in “great sex.”

Let’s say, you’re a woman in your 30s aka at your sexual peak, and your partner isn’t willing to go down on you. Or what if your partner is a limp fish in bed. Would that count as the best sex of your life? Of course not. 

The fact is, your sex drive is going to fluctuate throughout your lifetime. It also depends on several external factors like stress, mental health issues, etc. 

You won’t be able to enjoy sex if you’re thinking about your next paycheque, rent or your next meal. Sex drive is personal and quite individualistic. 

Maybe this concept was introduced by men to keep women from “sinning” till they are married.

Maybe it was an excuse route for the inexperienced men who lacked in bed. 

However, one thing’s for sure. You cannot generalise and categorise sex drive. It’s a fluctuating experience.

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