You Cannot Have Sex Without an Erection

For a generation that’s got the majority of its sex education from porn, it’s an accepted fact among many that ‘sex requires erection’.

Colloquially known as a “boner,” an erection is considered to be a telltale sign of arousal.

But, can an erection, (or a lack of one), be that important in a man’s sex life? Should a man’s sex life revolve around an erection?

Of course, not.

Erection and arousal

As mentioned earlier, we’ve come to accept that an erection = arousal.

However, not all erections occur due to arousal. (Guys, back me up on this.)

MRW people say, “Sex requires erection” 

Random erections are common among young adults, but men of any age can also experience this. 

So, in this case, erection has nothing to do with sex, excitement or arousal, whatsoever.

Similarly, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or are anxious performers, may experience arousal. However, it obviously won’t reflect that on their penises. 

According to studies, an average man can stay erect from 5 to 30 minutes. So, can you have sex only for half an hour? 

The idea that sex requires erection was hammered once again with the advent of various pills like viagra. 

Viagra can help a man maintain an erection for up to 4 hours.

I don’t know about you guys, but 4 hours seems like a lot. 

Sex requires erection: Porn’s contribution

The porn industry has really boomed ever since people got cheaper internet. 

It’s a good thing that people are exploring their sexuality with the help of porn. 

But you need to remember that porn is not a documentary but a fictional film. Real-life sex is nothing like porn.

Pornstars take performance-enhancing drugs to shoot their scenes. Remember, there’s money and jobs on the line if one man doesn’t climax. You don’t have that responsibility, do you?

We’ve been conditioned to follow story beats like in porn. Foreplay, oral, penetration and climax. Why should we follow this?

So, ask yourself: Why “sex requires erection”?

The simple answer is: It doesn’t and it shouldn’t.

You should enjoy sex and look at it as a “performance”. If you focus on getting an erection, chances are, you might not get one. Reverse psychology, much?

Sex requires erection

Sex requires erection only if you want it to. As long as you and your partner are having fun, it doesn’t matter. 

I’d like to remind all the Game of Thrones fans, remember Missandei and Grey Worm’s sex scene? Yes, if he can, so can you.

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