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Sex for Weight Loss | Unmysh 2020

We are in a 21-day lockdown. The whole world has suddenly come to a standstill because of one virus. When was the last time the whole world just stayed at home and did nothing? People are looking at their bedroom as an alternative to the gym. Having sex for weight loss is a popular belief. Sorry to inform you guys, but its a big, fat myth!

A few experts do recommend sex for weight loss, but we’ve found that to be untrue. Though it might be a great way to “get busy” during these quarantine times, it may not be a good alternative to exercise. 

While it is true that sexual activity does burn calories, the numbers, however, are staggeringly low. According to a study, 30 minutes of intercourse only burns 85 to 100 calories! So, if you are one of those that believe in having sex for weight loss, you must remember that you need to burn at least 2000 calories to shed that belly fat. According to our calculations, that’s about 20 adult naptimes a day! 

However, 30 minutes of sex might even prove to be too much for some individuals. A quick google search tells you that an average couple takes about 5.4 minutes to complete one session of coitus. In the times of stress, pandemic and political blunders, it is difficult to sustain and last even that long!

Even if you try to stretch your sessions to ensure you burn maximum calories, we have more bad news coming your way. According to experts, an ideal and quality sex session should last anywhere between 7 to 13 minutes. Remember, foreplay doesn’t count and it does not burn substantial calories, whatsoever.

“Having sex for weight loss” believers, you know you do.

So, next time you are thinking of ditching the gym and thinking of making it up in the bedroom or the next time your partner gives you the lame excuse of, “let’s have sex for weight loss,” please refer to this article. We are not mood killers, we are just doing our job, by busting one myth at a time. 

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