You Can’t Get Pregnant If You’re on Your Periods

Pregnancy During Periods | Unmysh 2020

Since I’m talking about pregnancy during periods, I wanted to start with a menstruation joke. But I don’t find this topic funny. Period.

Now that you’re done cringing at my horrible attempt at humour, let’s get on with this week’s ‘myth busters.’

There are two types of people in this world – one who have sex to conceive and the other who have sex for pleasure. Then there are people like Jason Statham’s character in Crank, who have sex to charge up their heart. But they are a negligible minority, so we are just going to ignore them.

Pregnancy during periods is a topic that concerns both parties. 

What happens during periods?

Period, or as it is better known medically, ‘menstruation,’ is when your body sheds off the uterine lining through the uterus. Since the uterine lining takes approx. 28 days to thicken, an average woman experiences periods every month.

Can you guess what happens when your uterine lining isn’t heavy enough to fall on your panties?

That’s right, you don’t menstruate. 


During menstruation, your ovaries also release something called eggs. And this process is called ovulation, which is actually a huge determinant in pregnancy. 

Your chance of being pregnant reduces 12-24 hours after the ovulation occurs, which is why doctors recommend couples, who are trying to conceive, to have sex during the ovulation period and not after it’s over. 

What are your chances of pregnancy during periods?

Any normal sperm can live inside a woman’s body for up to 5 days. So, if you’ve had unprotected sex during your shark week, the chance of the sperm outliving your periods are high. 

Just like you can still get pregnant with a condom on, you can very well get pregnant while on your periods. Although the probabilities are low, they are still there.

So, unless you are ready to welcome a baby, it’s best to wear a condom. It will not only save you from going through the hassles of unwanted pregnancy, but it can also protect you from various STDs. 

Because the uterus is generally very um… accepting.

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