Shoe Size Predicts Your Penis Size

Shoe Size = Penis Size | Unmysh 2020

If there’s one thing men have obsessed over throughout the years, it is their own penis size. A simple google search like ‘what’s the average penis size?’ probably gets more hits than any Taylor Swift song.

This fixation over the size of the penis has just worsened. And It has given birth to various euphemisms. One of the most popular euphemisms being ‘shoe size.’ Somehow, your penis size can be determined by your shoe size. Sounds absurd, right? That’s because it is.

If you’re a man who has a 10+ shoe size, the chances of you hearing about this myth is very high. “Oh, you’re size 11! You know what they say about men with big feet, right?” That it is rare to find a pair of shoe that you want and not settle because they’re not available? As a man with size 11 feet, I know the struggle. I can also attest to the fact that shoe size does not correlate with the size of your penis. 

‘Shoe size = penis size’ spread through movies 

I first heard about this myth when I was watching Desi Boyz with my friend. There’s one scene in particular where a character has to mention his shoe size at the stripper induction interview.

No sooner that happened, the audience in the theatre started giggling. And because I was clueless, I turned to my worldly-knowledge possessing friend to ask what that meant. He said, “They’re asking for his shoe size because they want to know his penis size.” Ok, what?

Watch this cringefest

Now that I think about it, not only is their method wrong but they could’ve simply asked him about the size of his penis directly. I’m assuming, no one is going to call HR on a stripping joint.

The point I’m trying to make is that how seeped into our “aree, you don’t know?” facts these myths exist. It doesn’t help when movies spread it to the other generation. The myth lives on in our minds as if it’s a fact.

Studies disagree with the claim

There have been two major studies on this claim to date. Both of these studies found that the correlation between a person’s shoe size and his penis size has no scientific backing, whatsoever. In fact, the penis size has no correlation with any body part. 

In another study, two urologists conducted research on 104 men. According to their observation, the median stretched penile length of these men was 13 cm. Whereas, the average shoe size of the 104 men was UK size 9. The deviation was too high and the claim was debunked immediately. 

So, don’t listen to Monica when she tells you that the distance between your thumb and your forefinger is the size of your penis. We’re not falling for it.

We still haven’t been able to link the source of the ‘shoe size = penis size’ claim. Like many other myths, this too remains hidden in the cloud of mystery. For now, you can only know the size of one’s penis by using the traditional method – actually looking at it. 

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