3 Masturbation Myths Debunked!

Masturbation Myths | Unmysh 2020

28th May is recognised as the International Masturbation Day. In fact, the entire month of May is International Masturbation Month! So, it was only fitting that I dedicate this week’s ‘Myth of the Week’ to bust 3 masturbation myths.

Masturbation has always had a bad reputation associated with it. People consider it to be unnatural and inhuman. If you ask me, nothing says ‘self-love’ more than the simple act of masturbation.

The naysayers have always tried to associate some side effects with this activity. But masturbation myths are rampant and they need to be stopped. 

This Masturbation Month, let’s bust some masturbation myths together and spread awareness.


Myth 1 – You should not masturbate during periods.

If you’ve heard this sentence before, know that you’ve been fed nothing but lies. It is perfectly fine to pleasure yourself during your time of the month. 

If you’re someone who dreads a visit from aunt flo, I have some good news for you. Some people masturbate during their periods to relieve themselves (pardon the pun) from the pain and cramps. Pleasure and possibility of no-pain? Sounds like a win-win situation.

In case you suffer from vaginal dryness, there’s no better time than this to masturbate. It will not only act as a natural lubricant but also stimulate your menstrual flow.

Remember, the period blood can make things quite messy. So, always lay a thick towel before you get busy, or better yet, just do it in the bathroom. You won’t have to clean up after you’re done. 

Masturbation Myths

Myth 2 – Masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction

This is one of the most popular masturbation myths that managed to fool me, too. It stemmed from the belief that excessive masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction. Just so you know, excessive masturbation can cause 99 problems but ED ain’t one (like what!)

People who are serial masturbators tend to face problems in their sex life. They find it difficult to sustain an erection. While the problem might look and sound like a regular erectile dysfunction, I promise you, it’s not.

When you are masturbating, you are also conditioning your penis. Over time, as the self-loving sessions increase, your penis gets used to your touch. This causes a hindrance in your regular sex life.

So, while you might not experience erectile dysfunction, you might have to recondition your penis. Reboot!

Myth 3 – Masturbation causes acne

This myth takes me back to my school days. God forbid if you got your first acne outbreak (which is perfectly normal), you’d be tagged as a serial masturbator. 

But unfortunately, there are some people, living in the adult world, who also happen to believe this myth. Some people believe this myth was spread by conservative adults to prevent young adults from masturbating.

It’s tragic that some of these young adults grow up without doing any research of their own. They pass down this baseless information to the next generation and this causes a whirlwind of misconceptions.

While the chain reaction theory is true with any myth, let’s pledge to do a little research of our own before we pass down any knowledge. I know it’s difficult in the era of ‘WhatsApp University’, but I have hope. Do your part this Masturbation Month and share these debunked masturbation myths with an ignorant near you.

Like this segment on ‘masturbation myths’? We bust a common myth every Tuesday. Don’t forget to come back next week for a new one. Meanwhile, check out the other subjects that made Unmysh’s list of myth busters here.   

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