You Don’t Need a Lubricant if You are Aroused

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Self-lubrication is one of the best characteristics of the vagina. Isn’t it amazing how the human body works to make things easier in your life? Your brain cues your vagina to get wet right before you are about to have sex, so you can avoid a painful one. But sometimes, the vagina just doesn’t seem to get the message. No matter what you do, there is Sahara down there. And that’s when sex becomes a problem more than a pleasure-inducing activity. Vaginal dryness is an actual problem and lubrication myths don’t help the case.  

A 2018 study revealed 34% of women experience vaginal dryness. And while there may be several reasons why you can’t get wet, many women choose to live with poor sex life. The reason? They don’t want to feel less of a woman. And that’s what’s truly upsetting about all this. But there is a way to defy this very real and common problem. 

For years, there has been a myth floating around that you don’t need a lubricant if you are enough aroused, which is why some women shy away from using it. Now is that right? Because if that were the case, so many women wouldn’t still be using lube. AND also feel positive about using it. 

Regardless of how you feel about lubricants, lubrication myths shouldn’t stop you from using them to have better sex. Women assert they have more intense orgasms with lubes. The extra wetness allows them to enjoy vaginal intercourse without worrying about the pain.

Yas! I feel good after debunking stupid lubrication myths, too.

So, if you have been having your share of painful sex, it’s time to consider solutions to get rid of your discomfort. Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities. And prolonged discomfort can make you resent it. Don’t let lubrication myths hold you back. Go ahead and find a suitable lube for yourself. Gift your body better sex today!

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