You Have a Loose Vagina Because You are a Slut

You Have a Loose Vagina Because You are a Slut Sexual Myths | Unmysh 2020

For time immemorial, society has upheld this notion that a “loose vagina” is a sign of a promiscuous woman. 

If you were one of those who fell for this, let me tell you that you’re not the only one. 

People believe that a “virgin” and “pure” vagina is the best as it’s tight and hence, can provide more pleasure.

Before fact-checking became a norm, I, too, used to believe in this myth. In fact, I had asked one of my female friends and she confirmed this myth, as well. 

As at Unmysh we believe in providing you with accurate information, let me tell that you this is a myth.

It’s not possible to have a loose vagina even if you are highly sexual. 

The myth of the “loose vagina”

As mentioned earlier, a loose vagina is nothing but a myth.

This myth was accepted as the truth by the society to shame women who were sexually active. 

Also, to promote abstinence among young teens and women, the myth of a loose vagina was sold as reality. 

As a result, women started to abstain from sex before marriage and men got another reason to shame women who were sexually active. 

Chances of a “loose vagina”

When the woman is aroused during penetrative sex, the vaginal muscles tend to relax. As a result, the penis can penetrate the vagina easily. 

Remember, sex is not the only function of a vagina. It is also used to pass a 9-month-old human child.

In fact, if a woman has experienced multiple childbirths, her vaginal muscles can experience some changes. 

Also, with age, your muscles usually loosen up and change as you grow old. Your vagina will also undergo similar changes in your twilight years.

Remember, an average vagina can pass a child through it and still regain its shape. Last I checked, an average penis is much smaller than a human baby. 

So, how can frequent sessions of intercourse affect a vagina? The short answer is, it won’t.

A loose vagina is a big, fat lie. Men’s insecurity and a woman’s choice, don’t get along swell.

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