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Condoms are Effective Sex Myths | Unmysh 2020

In 2018, Durex India tweeted that 95% of Indians don’t use condoms. 

Durex claims that their condoms are effective as contraception is still a taboo subject in India. 

While it’s true that condoms should be used by everyone to practice safe sex, contraception can be tricky. 

Condoms are effective if you wear them correctly

In the heat of the moment, you might mess up your condom. You’ll either wear it inside out or the condom just might develop a bubble or two. 

I know most of you are doing this manoeuvre in the dark whilst maintaining an erection, but it’s important to get the condom right every single time. 

You have to if you want to avoid any unwanted pregnancy or STD scare. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. 

Do the stats say condoms are effective?

Statistics suggest that if everyone around the globe wore condoms correctly every single time, the effectiveness of condoms would be 98%. 

So, imagine, in a group of 50 people, there is still one person who’s either getting pregnant or an STD.

However, as established, wearing condoms the “right way” is a huge task for many out there. Lack of sex education or carelessness can cause that.

So, realistically, the effectiveness of condoms come down to 85%. 

Hence, in the real world, there are still 15 people out of 100 who are getting pregnant because they chose condoms as their sole protector.

Condoms are effective but just not 100% of the time

At the end of the day, condoms are just contraceptions made by humans in a factory. Logistically, it’s impossible to get a perfect product all the time. 

Also, condoms are effective when they’re stored correctly.


Hence, don’t rely on only one contraception. Let that be a rule of thumb from now. 

You can try the pull-out method even while wearing a condom. Just to be safe, use birth control pills, as well (in moderation, of course).  

Remember guys, better safe than pregnant.

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