Athletes Should Avoid Sex Before Their Match

Athletes Should Avoid Sex Before Their Match Sex Myths | Unmysh 2020

Coming from a sports-oriented, all-guys school, I’ve heard and believed the myth that athletes should avoid sex before their game. Why? No one knew.

As you know, when you’re young and impressionable you tend to soak up new information without questioning the source. With WhatsApp universities emerging day-by-day, this trend has followed us in adulthood, as well.

I still remember this ridiculous claim one friend made that basically stated that Cristiano Ronaldo had sex with multiple women after a match to release all the amped-up energy. 

I’m assuming that was the reason. Or maybe my erudite friend was just projecting his own fantasies.

Alas, he wasn’t the only one who preached that athletes should avoid sex before a game. I wish I could go back in time to tell my younger-self to question his sources. 

Either way, lesson learned. 

Rio Olympics 2016: Summer of sex

If you’re living under a rock, it was announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed by a year. Thanks, coronavirus.

So, let’s go back to 2016. If you’re an Olympics aficionado like me, you’d remember all the controversies that surrounded the 2016’s Rio Olympics. If you don’t, let me jog your memory. 

As the athletes gathered in the Olympic village to partake in the games, news of 450,000 condoms broke out in all news media.

It was reported that 450,000 condoms were distributed in the Olympic village, alone. In other words, 11,238 athletes used 450,000 condoms amongst themselves. If my math is right, that’s a lot of condoms.

So, if the myth of “athletes should avoid sex before an event” is to be believed, isn’t this a bit contradictory?

Why would the Olympic committee distribute condoms amongst the athletes during one of the most prestigious sporting events?

Also, why would athletes engage in sexual activity when they are participating in an event that is watched by billions around the globe? Sounds risky, doesn’t it? 

Or maybe, “athletes should avoid sex before a game” is just an old wives’ tale.

Athletes should avoid sex before a game: a myth debunked 

In a study conducted at Iran University of Medical Sciences, it was observed that after 456 studies, sex, 10-12 hours before a game, did not affect an athlete’s performance negatively unless other factors like sleep were compromised. 

The study titled, Sexual Activity before Competition and Athletic Performance, it was concluded that the claim “athletes should avoid sex before a game” was a baseless myth. 

The myth has not only managed to fool teenagers but also the adults, as well. Many fans believed that Brazilian footballer, Ronaldo, abstained from any sexual activity before his game throughout his career. 

However, the player debunked these claims and said, “Sex does not affect sexual performance.” 

So, all you athletes out there, focus on your game and indulge in consensual sexual activity if you like. Who knows, it might just help you calm your nerves.

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