Creep Week #9

Creep Week 9 Creepy Indians on the Internet| Unmysh 2020

After taking a two-week hiatus, Creep Week 9 returns with another compilation of ‘Indians on the Internet’.

Let’s see what these idiots were upto this week. 

1. Why does this tinder bio read like one of those weird ‘terms & conditions’? Well, if ‘getting right to the heart of the point’ had a tinder bio, it would probably look like this.

2. As the saying goes, “A bad stomach and a mad heart always lead to constipation.” My man’s an underappreciated genius.

3. Rajeev is getting validation from his boss and then posting about it on social media to seek validation from the internet. Rajeev, you don’t have to seek validation from everyone to feel important!  Don’t be like Rajeev, guys.

4. If you think the bar is set punishing low for men, this 31-year-old proves you right by using emojis for his Tinder, so that women can figure out what kind for themselves. 

5. Creep Week 9 is progressive and feminist, guys. Women on Tinder prove that they, too, can be as creepy as the men on Tinder. You go, two-faced girl!

6. Let’s see how many red flags are there in this one screenshot, shall we? Group photo on Tinder profile, check. Age limit is unimportant, check. Going from girl to aunty in two sentences, check. Willing to pay for anything, aka, that’s prostitution, check.

4 km away? Aight, Imma change houses, fam.

7. If you think you’re insecure, here’s a 32-year-old using a music player screenshot as his Tinder profile to hide his face. Glad to know he’ll reveal it later, though.

8. And the winner of Creep Week 9’s “I am a piece of sh*it and I think this is funny ’cause emojis” goes to…

9. What kind of conditions are these? Is… is he a plumber? I hope he is a plumber.

10. I conclude Creep Week 9 with this blatant use of racism used for laughs. As the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ revolution grips the world, Indians continue to baffle everyone.

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