Creep Week #6

Creep Week 6 - Indians on the Internet | Unmysh 2020

Creep Week 6 is upon us and Indians are relentless with their creepiness. With a population well over a billion, there’s bound to be a few weirdos on the loose.

While the entire world was making memes on Kim Jong Un, let’s take a look at what some Indians were up to.

1. Are they talking about a person or a Pokemon? My money is on the fact that the person answering is secretly pushing this guy on the gay-er side.

Creep Week 6

2. I like the way he tried to spell ‘gorgeous.’ Then he just settled for cute. 

3. “I like this girl who has achieved a lot in her life. Me on the other hand, haven’t. How can I get this girl to lower her standards and convince her to date a guy who is not only not even in the same league but also not playing the same game? Please help.”

4. Indians finding ways to be creepy even during the lockdown period.

5. If giving unsolicited opinions were an art, creepy Indian uncles would be da Vinci. 

6. Buddy, if you’re reading this, never “cum” out. Stay safe.

7. A rollercoaster of a read. Leave it to creepy Indian girls to butcher an Instagram bio. 


9. His mother has a lot of explaining to do. My favourite of the creep week 6.

10. Thanks, creepy Indians. You’ve ruined Quora for me. 

11. You have no idea how high I can fly.

12. Yo, why would you say something so controversial yet so brave? 

13. This girl gets it.

14. Really hoping against hope this is a bad case of a homophone.

15. How many clichés do you want? Yes.

16. Ugly naked guy of creep week 6. It’s good to know that this straight guy is making the ladies’ job easier. Don’t think, just swipe left.

17. Why are there boats in Kalyan?

18. This guy gets right to the point. Who needs privacy, anyway?

19. If you decipher this, I’d say your momma raised a liar.

20. I’m assuming if a person decides to put a picture of a flower on their Tinder profile, they 100% be sensitive.

Lockdown is getting to all of us. In some cases, it’s probably more than others. This compilation of creep week 6 helps us get through this. Even if it’s at the expense of others. Collateral damage, eh?

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