Creep Week #5

Creep Week 5 - Indians on the Internet | Unmysh 2020

Just like the coronavirus, Indians on the internet are persistent. In Creep Week 5, you’ll see some special nutcases. Let’s see what Indians were up to this week.

1. My man doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time. 10 out of 10 for self-awareness.

2. Real men aren’t colourblind. Also, real men don’t colour-discriminate, either.

3. Mr Potato Head dropping subtle hints on Instagram before undergoing plastic surgery.

4. I’m NoT CUte oN tHe mOtoRCycle, either.

5. Coronavirus bringing out some creative burns and we’re here for it.

6. Kabir Singh/Arjun Reddy/Adithya Varma, is that you?

7. Congratulations, you’ve perfectly described every creepy Indian ever.

8. Damn, bro. Who hurt you? 

9. Please bring out all your torches, we have to find the person who asked.

10. If cancer were to start a YouTube channel, it would still stray far from Bollywood ‘news’ channels.

11. We need our ‘Health Professionals’ now more than ever, so we’ll let this one slide.  

12. Quarantine is making people do some weird things. What’s the point of being on Tinder, then? 

13. If you think, “Let’s take a picture of me wearing shorts and expose my hairy legs whilst standing bare feet on a dirty ground” will make a great Tinder photo, you should not preach hygiene.

14. Uh, brb while I contact a Police station. Totally unrelated to this picture.

15. Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one – How dare you? 

16. Here’s a hypothetical – What if you find a friend who has a great internet connection? 

17. The curious case of a late-night “grilled cheese” expert chef. Also, the doggie is the best part of this creep week 5. Only here for the dog not for the guy. If the dog had a Tinder, it would be flooding with matches and I’d be one of them.

18. When people say you should be forthright, this is not what they mean.

19. I want to end this Creep Week 5 compilation with this argument under a ‘Four More Shots Please!’ post. The woman is complaining about how the show does not portray the right ‘feminism’ while the guy is defending it. Interesting times, eh!

Creep Week 5 saw Indians still practising the habit of giving unsolicited wrong opinions on the internet. Take advantage of this lockdown period and educate yourself. Read, learn new things and above all, please don’t make a fool of yourself. Otherwise, you just might end up on our list.

Did you get any creepy DMs or comments this week? Sound off in our inbox at and you might get a chance to feature on next week’s Indians on the Internet list.

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