Creep Week #3

Creep Week 3 - Indians on the Internet | Unmysh 2020

We are halfway done with the 21-day lockdown. Naturally, compiling the weirdness for “creep week 3” wasn’t difficult as social media was the only solace. Indians flocked the internet in huge numbers. Unfortunately, that included creepy Indians, as well. 

The entire world is in a scurry to find a vaccine for coronavirus. Meanwhile, some Indian men and even women let themselves lose on the Internet. Here are some of the examples of creepiness Indians displayed in the previous week.

1. This guy giving his unsolicited opinions in this girl’s DMs. 

2. This person’s reply game is fire. Pun intended.

3. I know this is a fictional account, but why would you choose this as your Tinder photo?

4. I like how the girl replied in Devnagari just so the person reading it would understand. 

5. Either this person really wanted to embarrass his brother or he really hates his brother. Or maybe he’s just an idiot.

6. This guy is either killing it and rubbing it in our faces or the girl is too attached to her sister.

7. Are snakes on YouTube now? The emoji is not helping, either.

8. This guy doesn’t care about the lockdown. Delhi Police, please look into this.

9. This guy stating he has no shame. At least, his grammar is self-aware.

9. He’s making sure everyone understands that he is a bigot.

10. WHY? I hope he stays 12 kilometres away forever.

11. This is the worst butt pic in the history of butt pics. “Goofy” friend has a thing for your butt, buddy.

13. If you’re a text-person, I’m assuming you must be crazy.

14. I found this essay on modern-day feminism on Tinder.

15. Is this a two-person Tinder profile? Either way, its a no-no.

16. Who’s uncomfortable with a mug of coffee? Compatibility>distance? Coronavirus hates her.

17. This philosopher is also on Tinder, apparently.

18. He’s most probably taller than you. Is he Lurch?

19. Married, if that matters. Well, I’m guessing it does to your husband. 

20. Okay. Enough Internet for today. Sums up the state of sex in India perfectly.

In our creep week 3, we saw even weirder Indians on the internet. I’ll have to wash my eyes along with my hands after this. This is more dangerous than Coronavirus.

Did you get any creepy DMs or comments this week? Sound off in our inbox at and you might get a chance to feature on next week’s Indians on the Internet list.

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