Creep Week #2

Creep Week 2 - Indians on the Internet | Unmysh 2020

It’s another week, its time for “Creep Week 2” and we are already weirded out. If I ever get to meet Mukesh Ambani, I would show him the below screenshots and ask him, “Was Jio worth it?” 

To make matters even worse, PM Modi dropped a huge bombshell on us last Tuesday. With the lockdown extended in India for another 21 days, our Indian brothers and sisters sure got busy on social media. Now, TikTok is the new “hangout” place. And house parties are the new excuse for extroverts to annoy introverts even during this lockdown. Safe to say, it is a nightmare. 

From the “please kill me” Facebook comments to “please kill them” Tinder bios, here’s how Indians on the internet competed with coronavirus to spoil everyone’s mood.

1. Tom wanted to eat Jerry and even that was less toxic than Kabir Singh and Preeti. Who’s this psychopath?

2. Using your mom’s name for your Tinder profile is… something.

3. Does this Dancer,IITian want a partner or great OYO rooms deal? Or maybe both?

4. CA student, Ok. Loves swimming and CrossFit, Ok. Sexting sure is just TMI and inconsistent grammar, too.

5. These two men bonding over the most random and blasphemous comparison I have ever seen.

6. This guy letting his insecurity show in this girl’s DM. Also, if you already know she’s a 2 rupee person (I know, KRK reference, judge me) why are you asking her rate?

7. This 25-year-old Indian shooting all his shots. 

8. All these rules just so this guy can remain a virgin. It’s times like this when I hate being associated with the male community.    

9. This 27-year-old looking for a husband on Tinder. So, who’s gonna tell her?

10. O.M.G. Indian Tinder is on another level, guys.

11. Thanks for telling us you’re trying it (Tinder) on Tinder, Ms Married-Working-Woman.

12. So many words just to say, “I’m a virgin.” Also, it’s heartwarming to see Tinder being used as Bharat Matrimony.  

13. She started typing on Tinder but ended up on LinkedIn real fast.

14. Define beautiful.

15. “One” Singular? Charles, “one” singular? 

16. My man coming hot with those sick burns. This takes the cake in our Creep Week 2.

17. Is this some sort of Jedi mind trick that I’m too Sith to understand?

18. His English is bad, but hey, at least he’ll make a PPT out of it.

19. Scratch cards turn to massage cards in 2050. This guy knows what’s up.

20. Well, at least this creep has some manners.

21. There’s Shakespeare within every horny Indian. Sonnet 155 anyone?

22. Me to my mom when she puts half her salary in Fixed Deposit.

23. The problem of sex ratio is demonstrated perfectly in this Facebook comment.

All you weird Indians on the internet, you did it again.

Did you get any creepy DMs or comments this week? Sound off in our inbox at and you might get a chance to feature on next week’s Indians on the Internet list.

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