Creep Week #15

Creep Week 15 Indians on the Internet Creepy Indians on Instagram | Unmysh 2020

This week on Creep Week 15, I am focusing on the creeps on Instagram, specifically. 

Sifting through all the “Binod” comments was a tedious task, I won’t lie. I persevered and got through to the creepy Indians, somehow. 

So, apart from asking justice for Sushant Singh Rajput and writing “Binod” on random posts, here’s what Indians on the internet were up to:

1. Creep Week 15 immediately begins with yet another Indian man not delivering what is asked from him. Jokes aside, we need this man in the South Pole, guys.

2. Creepy Indians on the internet and their obsession with ice. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

3. Maybe we’ve reached the pinnacle of Creepy Indians on Instagram. Two straight men doing this on Instagram and then go out and spread homophobia. Self-awareness, much?

4. Wait, Fack is a 15-year-old song by Eminem. Does this mean he hates Eminem? At Creep Week 15 we learn new things every day.

5. Creepy Indians on Instagram not only photoshop themselves on a highway but also change their skin tone, as well. Fair & Lovely might change their policy but the “race” to fairer skin tone continues in India.

6. What happens when creepy Indians make an Instagram account with 0 posts? Well, we at Creep Week 15 got you covered. 

7. Is this actor/gangster on a quest to find “respect” of girls or is that an incomplete sentence? Respect  of girls is unimportant? Vital? I need to know.

8. If you can decipher what this extraterrestrial Princess of god knows which kingdom is trying to say, hit me up on  

9. I’d like to reiterate that this is a Rakshabandhan post. I don’t know if this single life got to him, but this is so close to hitting the incest territory. 

10. Creepy Indians on Instagram can be girls, too, you know. What’s the point of writing a bio that even Instagram can’t decipher?

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