Creep Week #14 – Indians on Tinder

Creep Week 14 Indians on the Internet Creepy Indians on Tinder | Unmysh 2020

With Kangana Ranaut milking yet another tragedy this week, Indians on the internet were objectively worse. 

This week on Creep Week 14, I am focusing on all the creepy Indians on Tinder. Let’s just dive into it.

1. Sushant Singh Rajput‘s untimely demise has brought out all kinds of toxic fans on the internet. This 23-year-old fan decided to use Tinder to ask for justice for Sushant.

2. When you confuse Tinder for Instagram. Either way, Indians on the internet love to “murder” cakes. 

3. This 22-year-old raising Creep Week 14’s bar by just getting to the point. That’s the only thing interesting about her. Can you blame her? 

4. Question: If he’s an “incest sex lover” person, shouldn’t it say “my mom, my wife and my sister”? 

5. Here’s one of the many creepy DMs Indians girls receive on a daily basis. However, kudos for realising he messed up and apologising immediately.

6. Another creepy Indian raising the bar in this week’s Creep Week 14 by transforming into a Hyundai car! Michael Bay, are you watching?

7. The creepiness of Indians on the internet bleeds into Bumble, as well. My bet is, she’s from Haryana. Geddit, guys? You know, sex ratio jokes.

8. What happens when you mix privilege and low expectations together? Well, Creep Week 14 has answers to all such questions.

9. Indians on the internet are so bad at catfishing. Also, good to know that motherhood didn’t stop Raju ki mummy from completing her education. Modiji would be proud of you.

10. No, Tinder, I don’t want to share this profile with my friend. There are too many creepy Indians on the internet already. 

11. I don’t know what “angoor” supposed to be here. As a responsible person, I’ve blurred the poor monkey’s face. He doesn’t deserve this.

12. When they say, “Sex in India is taboo,” this is what they’re talking about.   

13. I’d like to end Creep Week 14 with this unfunny and overused sex joke. You know it’s a naughty joke when you see a winky emoji. Hilarious, right?

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