Creep Week #13 – Indians on Quora

Creep Week 13 | Creepy Indians | Creepy DMs | Unmysh 2020

As Delhi was rocked with yet another earthquake this week, I plunged into the depths of Quora for creepy Indians being creepy on Quora. I must admit, they didn’t disappoint.

So, here’s this week’s Creep Week 13 – Quora edition

1. Okay, creepy Indians not holding back with their first question. First of all, Indian-to-Indian, we don’t “wipe”, we wash. Second of all, it’s corona time, please maintain hygiene, for god’s sake.

2. In Creep Week 13, Indians have stopped objectifying fellow Indian women. They have now evolved and have started objectifying women according to their religion.

3. Indians on Quora have such specific questions/problems, it blows my mind. I swear, most of these questions could just be answered with, “It’s their choice.” (not channelling my inner Neha Dhupia, FYI.)

4. For any “incest experienced” and creepy Indians out there, two condoms doesn’t equal to more protection. If you want to see myths like these debunked, follow our weekly “myth of the week” section.

5. Guys, I don’t know if this satire and I don’t even care at this point, but here’s Creep Week 13’s bestiality post. For the uninitiated, it’s illegal. Leave the dogs alone.

6. Do Indians on Quora feel that you have to have a different woman for different needs? Like, one for sex, for talking, one for sharing food with and so on? 

7. You know things are bad when there are two bestiality posts in one week. So, here’s Creep Week 13’s second bestiality post.

8. Imagine the amount of creepy DMs all these actresses had to endure for this person to finally come on Quora to ask this question.

9. I don’t know if the person is one of those teenagers or a parent who walked on their teenage son and his naked teenage friends. 

10. When you’re so mad at an individual, you don’t even realise that you’re offending an entire community. Remember guys, you don’t right a wrong with wrong.


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