Creep Week #12

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Before I address Creep Week 12, I’d like to first address the previous week. Liverpool won the Premier League, India banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok, and the West Indies team landed in England to play a test series after 3 months of lockdown. 

However, one thing was still consistent – Indians on the internet, still creepy. 

1. Right off the bat, we have the most cryptic creep of our Creep Week 12. Whoever this ‘5-year’ girl was, she definitely dodged a bullet.

2. This iPhone-yielding cool Indian on the internet gives a new spin to the whole “birds and the bees” talk. 

3. We cover creepy and weird Indians on the internet, but sometimes, there comes a sane Indian and puts other the creepy-ass Indian in his place. Good on you, sane Indian.

4. Hey, if you roam around topless in the blistering cold, people are going to do weird shit to you. 

5. Hey, if girls can have sugar daddies and live off of a wealthy dude, then so can our boy from Kerala. God’s own country’s own gigolo. 

6. First of all, this whole ‘nibba-nibbi’ thing is not funny and comes off as offensive and hypocritical when you talk about ‘Black Lives Matter.‘ Indians on the internet, stop this behaviour, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

7. “I’ll marry an IIT guy and make my parents happy and secure my future as IITians are ATM. Let’s see if I can sort them out with penis sizes.” – is something a sexist Indian would interpret.

8. The question clearly read “nastiest” and not “if you’re a sex offender, please reveal yourself.” 

9. What happens when you want to learn French but cannot even English properly? Creep Week 12’s “awful yes, but at least the dog is cute.”


10. THANK YOU! Just like Creep Week 12, every week I find a question on Quora about IITians that’s just batshit crazy. Indians and their obsession with IITians, never gets old.

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