Creep Week #10

Creep Week 10 Creepy Indians on the Internet | Unmysh 2020

As we all try to wrap our heads around Sushant Singh Rajput‘s untimely demise, Creep Week 10’s content, too, had to be heavily censored. 

Indians on the internet heavily speculated the actor’s death and once again proved that we are one of the worst/toxic communities. 

Let’s take a look at this week’s nincompoops.

1. Starting Creep Week 10 with a mild post. Barring the “loosing” part and totally unrelated selfies, the caption is pretty deep, ngl.

2. Is that gender-wise distribution of his friend list or he’s keeping count of an ever-going game between girls and boys? Either way, you do you, my guy.

3. This is the most despicable post of Creep Week 10. Indians on the internet can be creepy, but don’t forget that they can be quite insensitive and stupid, as well. Case in point, this question about Sushant Singh Rajput on quora.

4. A good hitman never reveals his identity, a great hitman leaves no traces, but a legendary hitman announces his next target on Facebook.

5. One thing I’ve learned is that Indians on the internet are quite obsessed with their penis sizes. Also, the answer is inaccurate and if you have such questions, you can ask us for accurate answers.

6. First of all, thanks for ruining pregnancy for me. Second of all, how dare you?

7. I see your low self-esteem and raise “being thankful to just exist on Tinder.” You’re welcome, black shirt, guy.

8. You know you want to stay away from the person with crotch as their Tinder profile, when their Tinder bio reads, “Please say something other than hi.”

9. Creep Week 10’s “Count the red flags in the Tinder profile.” Can’t a person just be polygamous and toxic on Tinder? 

10. This is where I stop Creep Week 10 after reading such a horrendous question from creepy Indians on the Internet. To reiterate, we answer sex questions here at Unmysh, guys. 

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