Creep Week #1

Indians on the Internet

India is the largest democracy. India also has the highest number of creeps, otherwise known as Indians on the internet. And women would agree because they are the ones who have experienced their creepiness. Thanks to the alarming sex ratio and the horrible mentality of the Indian parents, India is a breeding ground for insensitive men. Some of our men think they are entitled to disrupt a woman’s online privacy.

Oh, do I hear a group of such men saying, “Not all men” in the back? You’re just proving us right, love. Take a seat!

So, while we were fighting for rights and celebrating Trump’s visit to India, here is what Indian men were up to this week on the internet.

1. This person who thinks Malaika Arora will contact him for “c,ocks,”

2. Eye tonic – After you gouge your eyes out when you see creepy men spreading their filth in your comment section.

Indians on the internet

3. That’s as tempting as dropping a ‘hi’ in a woman’s inbox in hopes she’ll reply. 

Indians on the internet

4. And what are my other options?

5. Nope!

6. That last line makes this a perfect PSA. Amirite or amirite?

7. Well, if he says it’s “real 10 inch,” there’s no way to doubt him, right? 

Indians on the internet

8. All that’s fine, but the educated part seems too far-fetched. Where are these invisible institutes producing creepy students?

Indians on the internet

9. Just gonna combine all of them in one.

10. Sure, non-stick ones are okay?

11. I want to look good boobs someday, too. 

Indians on the internet

12. Wow. No hello or coffee or would you marry me first? 

13. I hate our censorship policy right now. Without it, this would have been GOLD ya’ll. If you know, you know. 

14. I think they are trying to communicate.

Indians on the internet

15. yesgladlyifmurderwerelegal

16. We tried keeping the identity secret but… Indians on the internet are enthu

Malaika Arora Khan | Indians on the internet

17. For our English viewers… ah! it’s better if you don’t know. I envy you monolinguals. 

18. Netflix, just hire this guy for Sex Education Season 3 already. 

I am a bit freaked out by this, guys. The sheer ignorance!

Did you get any creepy DMs or comments this week? Sound off in our inbox at and you might get a chance to feature on next week’s Indians on the internet list.

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