Zara Zara – When Tamil Cinema Met Bollywood

Zara Zara | Unmyh 2020

I still remember the ripples this soundtrack created throughout the nation when Zara Zara was first released. Even today, whenever I hear an RHTDM song playing, I make it a point to stop and soak in the brilliance.

Harris Jayaraj + Bombay Jayashri = Tour de force

Since RHTDM was a remake of a Tamil film, Minnale, the cast and crew were predominantly Tamil. Naturally, Harris Jayaraj, a huge name in the Tamil cinema, was chosen to compose the soundtrack of this film. 

BRB, while I drool over this soundtrack

If you notice, Zara Zara is a song from a woman’s perspective. They needed a soulful voice to give justice to the song. As a result, Bombay Jayashri was chosen to provide vocals to this masterpiece. An interesting choice, considering she was and still is a stalwart in Carnatic music. (I wonder what their thought process was because I had always perceived Jayashri to be primarily a classical singer. But clearly, they chose the right person to pull it off. So, I’m not questioning anymore.

A Bold Music Video

As for the music video, it is filmed entirely on our lead couple, Dia Mirza and Madhavan. Shocking for the time, the song even features them making love in the shower.

Needless to say, I was forbidden to watch this at that time. Clearly, Indian parents fail to recognize a thing called ‘reverse psychology’ because it did absolutely nothing but further pique my interest.

When you consider the fact that Bollywood’s idea of sex was two flowers making out, this was a bold move. Unlike today’s music videos, it’s not shot to work as makeshift soft porn. Oh, how I long for the simpler artistic times in Bollywood!

Yuhi Baras Baras Kaali Ghata Barse

Hum Yaar Bheeg Jaye, Is Chahat Ki Baarish Mein

You’ve come to expect such mesmerising lines from the genius that is Sameer. After all, he is a Guinness World Record holder for a reason. 

Main bhooli nahi haseen mulaaqaatein

Bechain karke mujhko mujhse yun na pher nazar

This sexually charged line depicts how she’s yearning for his love. She’s asking him to not entice her and then leave her high and dry. Not cool, man.

Sardi ki raaton me hum soye rahe ek chaadar me

Well, do I even need to explain this line? Talk about pulling an all-nighter.

I wonder if Sameer is like…

In many Bollywood aficionados’ hearts, Zara Zara is the undisputed champion of Bollywood sex songs. The beauty of this song is how it brought people from various industries together. A Hindi lyricist, a Tamilian composer and a singer walked into a studio. The result was a sex song for the ages.

Like this segment on Zara Zara? We announce new Bollywood sex songs of the week every Sunday. So, watch out for this space. Meanwhile, check out other songs that have made Unmysh’s list of sex songs here. 

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