Hai Rama – If Thirst Tweet were a Song

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For a song released in the 90s, Hai Rama is one of those Bollywood sex songs that still slaps.

It’s time for another A.R. Rahman song and it’s yet another hit. Does the man ever get tired of his success? Should we be surprised at this point?

Released in 1995, Rangeela starred Aamir Khan, Urmila Matondkar and Jackie Shroff. Not only was it a commercial hit but it also had a great soundtrack. Thanks mostly to the album, the movie has since gained cult status, as well. 

Urmila and Jackie sizzling performance 

Ram Gopal Verma chose to direct the music video of Hai Rama in a desert. The music video features two of our three lead actors, Urmila Matondkar and Jackie Shroff.

The desert works as a metaphor as they are ‘parched’. The need to quench their thirst is quite evident in this music video. 

Kaali Kaali Zulfein Gori Gori Baahein

Mujhko Tadpaane Lagin

Honth Bheege Bheege Nasheeli

Ye Aankhein Pyaas Ko Jagaane Lagin

The lyrics back up Ram Gopal Verma’s interpretation, as well. It’s this attention to details that makes Hai Rama stand apart from other Bollywood sex songs.

Hai Rama’s vocals

Did you know that Rangeela’s album was dubbed in Telugu and Tamil, too?


Interestingly, the legendary Hariharan and Swarnalatha sang all the three versions of Hai Rama. It’s really hard to imagine anyone else singing this song, irrespective of the language. 

Arre Socha Hai Yehi Raat Aur Din

Tujhe Pyaar Karenge Hum

Darrte Ho Kyon O Jaaneman Mere Pyaar Se

The brain behind these sensual words is Mehboob, the lyricist not the actor. He was nominated for two Filmfare Awards for Rangeela, but none of them included for Hai Rama. Who said Filmfare was fair?

On a totally unrelated note, is it just me that feels Urmila Matondkar is the Indian Jennifer Aniston? The resemblance is uncanny. Now every time you watch Friends, you would be thinking of Urmila Matondkar. You’re welcome.

Like this segment on ‘Hai Rama’? We announce new Bollywood sex songs of the week every Sunday. So, watch out for this space. Meanwhile, check out other songs that have made Unmysh’s list of sex songs here. 

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