Aa Zara Kareeb Se – Sunidhi Chauhan’s Immortal Performance

Aa Zara Kareeb Se Yana Gupta Jacqueline Fernandez Emraan Hashmi Bollywood Sex Songs Murder 2 | Unmysh 2020

I’ll go out on a limb and say that Aa Zara Kareeb Se from Murder 2 is one of the most intense Bollywood sex songs of this decade. I give the credit for the song’s success, not to the makers, but to Emraan Hashmi.



Let me channel my inner Dr Asthana and explain. 

Aa Zara Kareeb Se | Unmysh 2020

Music composer duo, Sangeet-Siddharth, gave music to this sexually charged song. However, as I looked up their discography, I realised this is the only hit they’ve managed to deliver.

Ergo, Emraan Hashmi in your movie guarantees a definitive hit. 

Thank you for indulging me in my ‘Emraan Hashmi is magic’ theory.

Music video of Aa Zara Kareeb Se

Aa Zara Kareeb Se is one of those rare Bollywood sex songs that has the honour of having two music videos.

I have another theory for this. The makers realised they had an amazing song at their disposal so they decided to milk this opportunity that resulted in two music videos. 

The first music video starred the ‘Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo’ fame, Yana Gupta. The movie opened with this version and frankly, it never managed to hold my attention the way this music video did. 

The better Aa Zara Kareeb Se

The second music video had our two leads, Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez. I’m sorry to say this Jacqueline, I’m sure you must be a nice person, but Yana Gupta’s version is far superior.

It’s a rare time where I am in agreement with the internet.

Lyrics and Vocals

Khwaab Hoon Main toh Makhmali…
Palkon Mein Le Ja Mujhe Maine Diya Mauka Tujhe Ajanabi

The lyrics to the almost carnal songs are penned by Rajesh Kumar, who is popularly known as Kumaar. Historically, men haven’t done a great job writing from a women’s POV.

But credit where credit is due, Kumaar actually did a decent job to write for a woman. 

Talking about vocals, Sunidhi Chauhan packs such a powerful performance that it is impossible to imagine this song in any other singer’s voice. And thanks to her, this song has managed to make its place in the list of best Bollywood sex songs.

You know a song is really good when you remember the lyrics and music video(s), but not the movie. In fact, I even listened to the song multiple times while writing this article. Still a classic.

Like this segment on Aa Zara Kareeb Se? We announce new Bollywood sex songs of the week every Sunday. So, watch out for this space. Meanwhile, check out other songs that have made Unmysh’s list of sex songs here. 

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