Whose Consent Is It Anyway?

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If you’ve had the displeasure of watching the 2009’s box office-hit, Kambakkht Ishq, you’d know how regressive and offensive it was.

Before he donned on the role of an ultra-nationalist and launched the desi version of PUBG, FAU-G, Akshay Kumar was starring in some horrible projects.

The movie offends women, the church, the black community, Denise Richards and Sylvester Stallone in 135 minutes. 

It took 4 screenwriters to come up with this atrocity. Whenever I come across a Bollywood film that’s offensive towards women, I immediately assume the blame on the men involved. 

However, you’d be surprised to know that barring the director, Sabbir Khan, the other 3 screenwriters were women! Yes, you read it right. 

Here’s how 1 man and 3 women wrote one of the most regressive scenes in recent history. 

Kambakkht Ishq commits sexual harassment in a church

Lucky Shergill (Aftab Shivdasani) and Kamini Sandhu (Amrita Arora) are getting married in a church. (Omnist, much?)

Viraj (Akshay Kumar), Lucky’s brother and Simrita (Kareena Kapoor), Kamini’s best friend, try to intervene. 

Simrita claims that marriage will cause a great hindrance to Kamini’s successful career as a lingerie model.

Hearing the words “lingerie model”, Viraj smiles ear-to-ear. (Yes, he’s lusting over his baby brother’s newly-wed wife, so what?)

Things get heated as Viraj and Simrita indulge in a verbal duel. Simrita calls Viraj an “uneducated filthy lout.”

Viraj proves her right by saying, “Shut up, you stuck up, uptitled bitch.” And those who are wondering, yes, they’re still standing inside the church.

Then, Viraj goes with a classic toxic mardani line, “Mujhe tum jaisi ladkiyo ka muh bandh karna aata hai.” (I know how to shut up girls like you).

And how’s that, you asked? By kissing the woman on her lips without any consent, of course. 

Viraj plants a kiss on Simrita’s lips and compliments her strawberry lipstick. *Throwing up*

“Dog,” she says. “Bitch,” he replies while standing in the House of God.

Blasphemy + sexual misconduct = Average Bollywood movie

Kambakkht Ishq is a perfect example of a movie that has aged like milk

Watch Kambakkht Ishq’s scene without cringing.

In just one scene, the movie manages to offend women, church, priests, filmmaking and the audiences, alike. 

For a country that blames Bollywood movies for being Hinduphobic, conveniently glance over scenes like these. 

Calling the priest “Panditji,” sexually harassing a woman and using unparliamentary language (as Arnab Goswami puts it) while standing inside a church, raised no apparent eyebrows. 

Kambakkht Ishq’s forced kiss isn’t an isolated case. There have been numerous movies before this and there will be countless movies after which will use this trope (I’m looking at you, Kabir Singh).

Bollywood reiterates the idea that consensual sex doesn’t matter. Kambakkht Ishq is just the tip of this problematic iceberg.   

It’s unfortunate that 3 women screenwriters couldn’t come up with a decent, non-offensive rom-com. 

The director, Sabbir Khan, debuted with Kambakkht Ishq and went on to make other cringefests like Heropanti, Baaghi and Munna Michael. All subpar movies.

Upon further research, I found out that Sabbir Khan, shockingly, is a product of nepotism as his dad was a lyricist in Bollywood.

Nepotism in Bollywood can guarantee you a job but delivering it, unfortunately, still requires talent.  

Like this segment on Kambakkht Ishq? We announce a new aged like milk case every Thursday. Don’t forget to come back next week. Meanwhile, check out some other examples of aged like milk here.

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