2006 Golmaal’s ‘Fun’ Rape Scene

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited | Unmysh 2020

Rohit Shetty movies should never be taken seriously. He transitioned from slapstick movies like Golmaal and All the Best to ‘social commentary’ movies like Singham and Simmba. Does no one think that’s weird? 

The reason I say Rohit Shetty movies shouldn’t be taken seriously is that Rohit Shetty, himself, cares more about the laughs and car explosions than the subject matter. This is very much apparent in his 2006 hit, Golmaal: Fun Unlimited.

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited | Unmysh 2020

The one that started it all

I’d be lying if I say I am not a fan of the original 2006 Golmaal. In fact, I feel the series wasn’t too shabby till the third entry. Now, with the 5th film announced by Rohit Shetty, I’d say the series is dead for me. I’m a grown-up with grown-up taste in movies now. Wish I could say that about a certain director. 

Upon my first viewing, I immediately fell in love with the gang of Gopal (Ajay Devgn), Laxman (Sharman Joshi), Madhav (Arshad Warsi) and Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor). And the testament to this is that I did not even have to Google the names.

Comedy of errors ensues and our gang finds themselves infiltrating an older, much blinder couple’s house. ‘Fun unlimited’ is promised and we’re in for it.

One of the ‘fun’ things our boys like to do is peep into the neighbour’s house. Nirali (Rimi Sen), is drying her hair, wearing nothing but a towel, in front of a huge, open window. You know, as we all do. 

Another group of guys on the opposite side are doing the exact same thing and the group starts ‘shaming’ those men. This is a ‘funny’ scene because you see, they were replicating their behaviour two minutes ago and now it is hilarious. Laugh!

That ‘rape scene’ in Golmaal

A new day, a new peeping session. But this time the windows are closed and it looks like our girl Nirali is getting molested.

Gopal asks Madhav and Laxman what they’re looking at. Madhav, casually, replies, “Rape dekh rahe hai.” Yep, things we usually see from our terrace – sunset, birds, traffic and an occasional rape.

The movie tells me that this is not a serious scene as ‘fun’ music is blasting in the background to remind me.

What would you do if you see a girl is getting raped in front of your eyes? If you said, “Let’s save her so we can impress her” – Congratulations! You’re a Laxman and you will never pass your UPSC test, ever. And you deserve it.

It’s the most viewed comedy scene, guys. Go, Golmaal!

Heroes confront the ‘rapists’

I’d be remiss if I did not mention Lucky, the deaf and mute guy. He is the only one who suggests calling the police. But, as Madhav (aspiring Salman Khan) puts it, “Pehle hero aate hain, baad me police aati hain.” There’s a joke here about Shetty making a cop universe 14 years later, but I’m not sure.

Our “heroes” enter the scene and beat up the “rapists.” Nirali, instead of thanking and owing her entire life to them, slaps Gopal. (The nerve, right?)

Turns out, she was practising a “rape scene” with the supposed “rapists” and all of the group’s effort was for naught. (Aww, bechare.)

2006’s Golmaal: Fun Unlimited is one of the few movies that has managed to make a place for itself in our ‘Nostalgia Shelf of the 2000s.’ A shelf that is heavily dominated by Priyadarshan movies. In an otherwise hilarious film, a rape scene sticks out like a sore thumb. Pity.

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