Myth Busters

"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!
Don't have sex in the missionary position,
don't have sex standing up
just don't do it, OK, promise?
OK, now everybody take some rubbers."

Indians on the Internet

Unfortunately, we have too many creeps in our country.
At Unmysh, we hunt down creepy Indians, who are grossing the world out, to show how not to get through your life.

Aged Like Milk

Remember how you thought something was appropriate and cute when you were little?
Turns out, it is not an entirely nice thing if it is illegal, morally wrong and just rotten like old milk.
Here, we explore the most unbecoming of things.

Performer of the Week

Pornstars are professionals. They are no less than the other artists.
Unmysh recognises talent from across the world and presents you with the best adult performer of the week.

Scene of the Week

Ever approved of an on-screen sex scene so much that you you wanted to give the creator a cookie?
At Unmysh, we have dedicated this space to the best sex scenes ever captured on camera.

Decoding Music

Everyone has a sex playlist. If you don't, you ought to. Thanks to... Earth, we have had the pleasure of enjoying some of the best sex songs from the most brilliant musicians from across the world.
Time to stock your playlist.

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