6 Ways to Maintain Good Sexual Hygiene

You always hear about being sex-ready but you rarely know what to do exactly. The way I see it, it’s essential to maintain good sexual hygiene for two reasons – for you and your partner. 

Sex is for two people. Sometimes, three. And other times, it’s just a very big… bang. So, it’s not just about what you want or like. It’s about your sexual partners, too. And while it might take time for you to learn about their preferences, one thing’s for sure. Nobody likes to sleep with a dirty pig. 

To avoid turning off your partner(s) in bed, here are 6 ways to maintain good sexual hygiene. 

1. Follow the ‘front to back’ rule

This is especially important for women. But first,

Front = the vagina

Back = the anus

The front to back rule simply implies that you should always wash your vagina before washing the anus. And never the other way around.

Front and back Ross | maintain good sexual hygiene

Unsurprisingly, the butt is filled with bacteria. They can cause an infection inside your vagina if transferred. 

Also, don’t forget to wash your vulva properly. If you are one of those who experience excess discharge, opt for an intimate wash. You can combine it with warm water for better results.  

2. Wash your sex toys before and after using them

Okay, masturbation can render you feeling like a sloth. But if you want to maintain good sexual hygiene, you can’t skip this. 

Treat your sex toys like any other valuable possession. Firstly, you ought to store them in a clean and dry place. Away from sunlight, like an effin’ snake plant. Next, make sure you wash them before use unless you are incredibly game about letting dust-covered sex toys anywhere near your privates.

Once you are done, wash them with soap and water for at least 30 seconds. Then, wrap ’em up in a dry cloth and tuck them away.

Note: Follow the front to back rule while using sex toys, too. 

3. Avoid using a scented soap down there

Just like a dog’s tongue, the vagina is self-cleansing. Okay, not really. The former is a complete myth. However, the latter is absolutely true. 

Scented soaps are infused with chemicals. Because they can meddle with your vagina’s pH levels, scented soaps can cause irritation down there. In fact, you shouldn’t use any soap to wash your vagina, especially the ones that you bathe with. 

Just let your vagina be. 

4. Trim/shave the bush

I know, I know, it’s ur body, ur rulez. But there are a few quite convincing reasons why you should consider trimming or shaving off your pubic hair. 

Pubic hair can give rise to odour, which may not be such a turn on for your partner. The hair can also make you sweat more than usual. And it can actually make it difficult to keep things clean. Besides, some people also develop rashes due to the bush. So, it’s actually not a choice for them. 

Now, there’s certainly no problem in going au naturale. It’s 2020 and everyone should be allowed to do what they want. But if you choose to keep the hair, try to trim it regularly, instead of growing an Amazon inside your underwear. Just to maintain good sexual hygiene!

5. Pee before and after sex

This is unavoidable. There’s no question about it. You need to start peeing before and after sex if you don’t already do it. 

Why you should pee after sex – Peeing makes you get rid of the after-sex bacteria that can cause infection later. If you’re trying not to get pregnant, peeing can also help flush out any residual sperm from your uterus. 

Why you should pee before sex – Some people actually have better and more comfortable sex when their bladder isn’t full. Also, if you don’t urinate before sex, the bacteria can get pushed inside and potentially grow and worsen the situation. 

Anup soni crime patrol | maintain good sexual hygiene

6. Use clean water to wash yo’ ass

Water v/s toilet paper, which is better? Well, let’s settle this once and for all. 

Facts coming at you in 3…2…1…

There has been a lot of research on this and most of them incline towards water for being the safer and more hygienic option.

Here’s what the studies say –

  • Toilet paper can cause inflammation and tissue damage. 
  • The stream of water released from a bidet is more satisfying.  
  • Water is cheaper than toilet paper.
  • Water actually cleans your anus. It’s the sure-fire way of ensuring that you have no poop left. 

Here’s why I advocate water –

Imagine you’re about to give your partner a rim job… 

I’ve already said too much, haven’t I?

But now you’re absolutely sure that water is the best way to maintain good sexual hygiene, aren’t you?

And now that the world is also moving towards water, it feels nice to be on the right side of history as an Indian. 

What you can do – Use water to wash and then wipe your butt dry with a toilet paper. (At least that’s the only way I know of and recommend doing it.) But you can do whatever you want.

Just remember, one of them is unskippable!

Like these sexual hygiene tips? We offer awesome sex solutions at Unmysh every day. Tell us what you would like to read next in the comment section below. 

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