These 5 Anal Sex Tips Will Make the First Time Less Painful for Women

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Ah-nal sex! The most controversial topic of conversation in the bedroom and the most requested, too. Women have traditionally shied away from having anal sex with their partners because it is painful AF! So, not even the best anal sex tips will convince women to do it, right?

But is anal sex really as painful as they say it is?

The same thing was claimed about vaginal sex, too, and look where that claim is now.


The truth is, anal sex is only painful when you are underprepared.


So, we should stop scaring women away from it and start educating ourselves about it. Anal sex is here to stay, so why not learn about it?

Here is everything you need to know about having pain-free anal sex.

Benefits of anal sex

Most of the scare about anal sex comes from the fear of not knowing enough. But we shouldn’t give in to half knowledge. Let’s discuss a few benefits of anal sex.

  • Can be ideal for post-delivery sex

Childbirth is beautiful, isn’t it? But a lot of women complain about returning from the hospital with a loose vagina. Heck, Ali Wong did an entire stand-up routine about it and it’s hilariously relatable. So, if you are craving sex but feel that your vagina needs some V-time, don’t force yourself.

Anal sex can be a great substitute for vaginal sex post-delivery. You don’t have to worry about the tightening. Instead, you can focus on finally spending some much-needed time with your partner.

  • May help overcome orgasming difficulties

More than half the women in the world don’t orgasm during penetrative sex. Anal sex can help. The reason is simple. The anus is more sensitive than the vagina. Since you only orgasm when you hit the right and the most sensitive nerve ending, anal sex helps you cross that barrier.

Countless women have had success with anal sex. You might hit the jackpot, too.

  • Will reduce the risk of pregnancy

And in today’s episode of ‘The Obvious News…’

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the benefits of anal sex is that it can actually help you avoid pregnancy.

BUTT remember that it can reduce the chance and not completely eliminate it. You can still get pregnant if the sperm finds a way to your vagina. It’s avoidable but not impossible.

You can eliminate the chance of conception by simply not touching anywhere near your genital. You can also immediately wash your anus after you are done to be extra sure.

  • Can spice up things in bed

If you are bored of following the same routine in bed, anal sex can help you turn up the temperature.

Anal sex allows you to explore your sex life. It prevents you from confining yourself in a typical and predictable sex routine. 

Side effects of anal sex

Yes, there are side effects to anal sex. But if you read on properly, you’d know that they only occur when you are not careful enough. 

  • May damage the anal tissue if done in haste

The tissues inside your anus are far more delicate than those in the vagina. So, if you have read about anal sex before, you’d know that every expert/doctor/professional suggests you start slow.  

  • Will cause infection if done before the vaginal penetration

The anus has more and different bacteria than the vagina. Therefore, it is an unspoken (sometimes, spoken) rule that you should always go from the vagina to the ass. When you go the other way around, the penis can carry the anal bacteria into the vagina and cause UTI.  

  • Negligence can invite STDs

Although the chance of contracting STDs from anal sex is lower than that from vaginal penetration, it isn’t impossible. You can still contract an STD if you accidentally touch around your vagina after coming in contact with someone who’s tested positive.   

5 Anal sex tips to have pain-free anal sex

Nuf scares, right? Time to get to business. If this is your first time, here are some anal sex tips that will help you have pain-free anal sex even as a beginner. 

1. Keep the lube handy

Lubricants are almost magical. If Cinderella weren’t PG-13, the fairy godmother would have been springing up a strawberry flavoured lube for that lonely virgin. 

Lubes make everything better. Lubricating makes the pain go away. The reason? The only way you are going to feel any pain during sex is if you are dry. Dryness creates friction, which causes a burning sensation. 

On the other hand, you don’t experience even an iota of pain if you are wet. The penis literally slips right in. Without any struggle or push. 

If you are about to have anal sex for the very first time, be wise and don’t do it without a lube. 

2. Consider tissues and towels as your best friends

It’s essential for you to have wipes right beside you when you are having anal sex for the first time. Make no mistake, it will get messy.

Place the towel underneath yourself, over the bedsheet, to contain the lube that will keep dripping out of your butt. And use the tissues to wipe off anything gross that you might encounter *cough* poop *cough* 


3. Find out the most suitable position

Determining the right anal sex position will make the act much more comfortable for you. And this is probably one of the best anal sex tips you will ever get.

As a beginner, you can put your trust in reverse cowgirl, doggy on the edge and the hero. While the hero is great for back support, the former two make things highly adventurous. 

4. Avoid penetrating all at once

As mentioned earlier, go slow! It’s not a competition. This applies to both men and women.

Men must allow their partners to feel relaxed and ready. You ought to help them have pain-free anal sex.

Instead of forcing yourself in all at once, try penetrating the tip first. See how that works for your partner. When they signal you, go a tad further in. Keep doing that till you are completely in. And when your partner is comfortable, then you can begin the movement.    

5. Meditate before you start

Another one of the unavoidable anal sex tips is meditation. To have pain-free anal sex, you need to be relaxed. When you loosen up, you allow your anal glands to ease up. 

Meditation truly helps you ‘open’ up. So, if this is your first time, don’t skip a good relaxation exercise. 

Do it only when you are absolutely ready

You don’t have to have anal sex if you are not ready. In fact, no number of anal sex tips will help you have a pleasant experience if you don’t feel confident about it yourself.

If you are caught in two minds, start with the foreplay. And have lots of it. At the end of the foreplay, if you feel like you want to go ahead with anal sex, do it. Save it for later if you’re not absolutely sure. There’s no rush.  

Don’t worry about a little poo

It’s natural. Don’t be too alarmed by it. Actually, let Ali explain this to you. She does it so much better. 

Ali Wong Baby Cobra | Unmysh | Anal Sex Tips

If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out

Women also suffer from performance pressure. Performance anxiety in women is pretty real. So, remember that you have nothing to prove to anyone. Know that if you are in pain, you are in pain. So, you can stop whenever you want. Your goal shouldn’t be appeasing your partner. Sometimes, it’s only about you. Having pain-free anal sex should be your only goal the first time you do it.

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