Most Asked Sex Questions


1. What is queefing?

Queefing is a kind of vaginal fart that happens when you have sex. It’s common and happens to nearly everyone when the air escapes from the female genital. So, the next time you hear an awkward sound in bed, just laugh it off. 

2. Does size matter?

This takes the cake when it comes to the most asked sex questions. Yes, it only matters when you want it to. If you are heterosexual, you should know that women don’t obsess over or even care about the size of your penis as much as you. All they want from you is to learn to work with what you have got.

3. Do men have a G-spot?   

While G-spots are specific to the female body, men have their own version of it called a P-spot. Your prostate or P-spot can be found two-inches up the anus. 

4. Can men have multiple orgasms?

Yes, men can have multiple orgasms. You may have to practice to perfect it like every other activity, but you can learn more about how you can stimulate your P-spot to achieve multiple orgasms. 

5. Can I use two condoms for extra safety?

Wearing two condoms can actually increase the chance of pregnancy instead of preventing it. The condoms can rub against each other, create friction and cause the condoms to break. To avoid getting pregnant, use only one condom correctly.

6. How many times can I masturbate/have sex in a day?

Masturbating once a day is considered to be healthy. Anything more than that can cause a problem. Excess masturbation can lead to a condition called ‘dry orgasms,’ which doesn’t work in your favour if you want to have kids. 

7. Why don’t I orgasm during sex?

More than half of the women in the world don’t orgasm during sex. They require clitoral stimulation to help climax properly. If you don’t orgasm without working your clit, try communicating with your partner about it or seek professional help.

8. Is anal sex really as painful as they say it is?

Anal sex is only as painful as prepared you are. Initially, anal sex may require more planning but it comes naturally to you once you get enough practice. For your first time, keep lots of lubricant and tissues handy to help make things easier and pleasant.

9. Do I have to smell like flowers down there?

Women are particularly concerned about what their genital smells like. Countless women end up using perfume to get rid of what they call ‘the odour.’ Honestly, your partner doesn’t care about how your privates smell unless the scent is really pungent, in which case it could be an infection and you’d need to seek medical help. If you are really bothered by it, you can either use an intimate wash or take a shower before having sex. Women should avoid using a regular soap as it can interfere with your vagina’s natural pH balance and cause infection. 


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